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P21S Paintwork Cleanser
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P21S Paintwork Cleanser
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P21S Gloss Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser

It's universally acceptedthat to maximize the effectiveness of a wax job, you must properlyprepare the surface. Unless your car just rolled out of the showroom,road film, air pollution residue, rainwater deposits and other nastyelements are probably imbedded in your paint job. You can determine thepresence of these elements quite simply. Wash and dry your vehicle,then run your fingertips gently over your car's paintwork. Feelanything that isn't mirror-smooth? If so, this is not something to waxin, and it's important that you first remove it with our P21S Glassenhancing Cleanser. You'll be pleased by how quickly water spots, swirlmarks and other nasty residues dissappear. Now your car is ready forthe perfect concours look wax job. 350 ML (11.8 fl oz) Bottle
Customer Reviews
pleasantly surprised
  Considering Upstate New York weather, I've finally had an opportunity to use your products this past weekend. I was pleasantly surprised with both the P21S Paintwork Cleanser and, the P21S Concours Look Wax. The cleanser made quick work of the winters graying film, tar marks ect. with relative ease,leaving a gleaming polished finish. The Concurs Wax went on easy and removal was just as easy. The final result giving the car finsh a brilliant deep shine. Excellent products!
  Reviewed by:  Bonnie from USA. on 4/22/2013
P21s Paintwork Cleanser
  Great product. I guess it's like a liquid clay bar. I used it as directed and was surprised at the ease of use and the finish on the car before using the wax. Again, grat product.
  Reviewed by:  Keith from Maryland. on 10/31/2012
Old school
  Used this product for years but now with all these new high tech chemicals and processes, I've transitioned away from this paint cleanser, especially using the PC 2474xp. Easy to work with and would recommend it if working by hand.
  Reviewed by:  STUART from FLORIDA. on 11/24/2011
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