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P21S Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo
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P21S Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo
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P21S Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo

German chemists borrowed from the cosmetics industry to create this shampoo.

P21S Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo ushers in a new era in gentle automobile washing. Using a unique blend of ingredients from the cosmetics industry (wheat germ and sugar-based surfactants), this new P21S shampoo conditions the surface as it cleans.

The result is a shampoo that leaves behind more of the oils the car's surface needs in order to maintain its appearance. New users will feel the difference the first time they wash the car. the rich, green liquid creates a frothy foam and has a pleasing apple fragrance.

Customer Reviews
It just works
  This has been my go-to car wash for years. What more can I say?
  Reviewed by:  David from Tampa, Florida. on 5/29/2014
  Product is very very good, has a really fresh smell and gives the car a nice shine
  Reviewed by:  Donald Coney from Aviano Italy. on 11/6/2012
P21S Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo
  Good product. It does not produce nowhere near enough suds for my liking, but smells great and gives a thorough cleanning of the car.
  Reviewed by:  Keith from Maryland. on 10/31/2012
SO far best wash
  It is great shampoo for regular wash. Very easy to use and no strong odor.
  Reviewed by:  sung from NYC. on 2/27/2012
P21S Wash Review
  P21S Shampoo is a great car was, albeit expensive for regular washes. To get the ideal slickness 1oz/gallon is my preferred ratio. It goes quick but the wash is awesome! Suds stay for so long, smells great, good slickness, and suberb gloss. If you are ever wanting to try a nice bottle of quality car wash, P21S really feels luxurious.
  Reviewed by:  Lukasz from Canada. on 11/9/2011
Smells so good!
  Great product, smells amazing, my car has never been this shiny!
  Reviewed by:  Melody Boulanger from Hayward. on 9/20/2011
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