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Optimum Protectant Plus
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Optimum Protectant Plus
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Optimum Protectant Plus is another innovative product from OPT that cleans, restores, and protects leather surfaces, vinyl surfaces, and moldings. Optimum Protectant Plus has a balance of cleaners, penetrating oils, and UV inhibitors that restores the original color of these surfaces, protects against and hides any scratches, and protects against sun damage.

Just like automotive paint which has undergone major changes in technology, automotive leather and vinyl surfaces have also improved considerably in the past decade. Nearly all automotive leather surfaces are treated with special chemicals that provide resistance to scratching and marring, increase their durability, and provide protection from weathering. The chemistry of vinyl surfaces has improved dramatically as well to give these surfaces leather look and leather feel. The vinyl surfaces are also treated with similar chemicals as those used for automotive leather to increase their durability and to provide protection from weathering.

These protective chemicals are lost over a period of a few months. Optimum Protectant Plus cleans these surfaces and replenishes the protective chemicals while adding UV protection to these substrates. Most leather or vinyl protectants in the marketplace leave an oily film behind on these surfaces which gives them a glossy look and an slick feel. Since these products are not absorbed into these surfaces, they last a few days and mainly act as a dust magnet.

Optimum Protectant Plus keeps leather supple and helps reduce cracking of vinyl and leather surfaces, as well as reducing scratching and marring. Optimum Protectant Plus penetrates and adheres to these surfaces; therefore, it does not make these surfaces oily or slick and provides lasting protection. Optimum Protectant Plus also works great on the outside trims and moldings. These are just some of the reasons why Optimum Protectant Plus is preferred by many detailing professionals.
Customer Reviews
Good Stuff. Could smell better.
  OPT knows how to make products that work well. I'd call most of their stuff "engineer's products" (In the good way). They emphasize results over cheaper things like smell, etc... You'd have to run a long term test to see how much protection it provides over time, but I have no reason to believe it won't hold up. After a few days, the leather feels as if the protectant is still there. This protectant is easy to use and leaves a matte finish on my leather, as advertised. My only complaint is entirely subjective, but I don't enjoy the smell. It isn't bad, but so many other companies just do a much better leather scent.
  Reviewed by:  Brandon from San Diego. on 8/25/2014
Great protectant!
  I was looking for a product to help keep my seats looking like new and leave a matte finish. This product does just that, I'm very pleased.
  Reviewed by:  Demetrios from Northern NJ. on 5/7/2014
Protects against all clothing and spills!
  This leather protectant is great at sealing your perfectly clean leather after it's been thoroughly washed. Highly recommend. Unbeatable pricing too
  Reviewed by:  Mike V from NY. on 8/5/2012
Great interior product
  I like this product because you can use it on dashes, door panels and leather or vinyl seats. I like to apply using a foam pad then do a final buff with a tight nit microfiber towel. It leaves a great satin finish and has a pleasant leather type smell
  Reviewed by:  salvatore borgogna from Winston Salem NC. on 11/9/2011
Easy to use product
  I use this on the plastic/vinyl/dashboard more than on the leather. This comes thick,so I apply it on a Microfiber/applicator and spread it evenly on the surface and leave it for couple minutes and then wipe it off with a dry microfiber. perfect matt finish, attracts less dust and smells good. Protection- 3 to 4 months on a DD and parked outside. I like the smell of this over 1Z cockpit. Also, I would try not applying this on nav screen or guages.
  Reviewed by:  Abi from Houston,TX. on 11/9/2011
  Super easy to apply, however, leaves a super slippery finish! After a few days, the slipperyness is reduced a bit, and the glossyness passes. So this is a great easy to use product, if you can apply and leave it for a few days. Probably better suited to furniture than cars.
  Reviewed by:  David from Australia. on 9/14/2011
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