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Optimum Metal Polish 8 oz
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Optimum Metal Polish 8 oz
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Create a mirror shine on automotive metals!

Clean,polish, and protect wheels and metal trim with Optimum Metal Polish. Noother metal polish creates a shine as bright as Optimum Metal Polish.Use it to polish non-coated wheels and metal trim by hand or with abuffer.

Optimum Metal Polish is formulated in thetradition of Optimums other polishes in the sense that its easy touse and gives great results. The pink lotion-like polish has a pleasantsmell. Spread it onto metal surfaces using a foam applicator, apolishing tool, or a buffer. Optimum Metal Polish gently removesoxidation and brightens metalwork to a mirror shine. Imagine chromewheels catching the light thats the effect of Optimum Metal Polish.

In addition to cleaning and polishing, Optimum Metal Polish offers long-term protection.
It leaves behind a transparent protective coating to help prevent future oxidation and soiling.

UseOptimum Metal Polish on aluminum, chrome, and stainless steel. Manypolishes for uncoated metal are strong-smelling and offensive, butOptimum Metal Polish has a subtle scent and its easy to use.

Apply Optimum Metal Polish using a cotton cloth, a foam pad on your buffer, or a polishing tool (
Mothers PowerBall or Flitz Polishing Ball).Wipe the polish onto the metal and rub in a circular motion until themetal appears clean. If using a drill or buffer, work at medium speeduntil the metal is clean and bright. Wipe off the surface with a cleancloth.

Optimums polishes and car wax create a flawless finishon your paintwork. Complete the look with a mirror bright finish on themetal. Use Optimum Metal Polish.

Customer Reviews
  I used this polish on my JMF sheet metal intake manifold on my car and it worked awesome! It looked nasty and just Boogered up. It's very easy to use. I used a foam pad on my random orbital and did a couple of passes and used a clean mircofiber towel and it whiped right off. And left a mirror shine. I am very happy with this product. And it lasts!
  Reviewed by:  Nichole Decker from lancaster pa. on 8/4/2012
Spend some time and you'll have the shine
  I used this on my roommates GSX-R with a polished frame. The frame looked bad, but after spending a lot of time buffing by hand it looked like a mirror. If you have the time, this will do a great job but it isn't a quick fix.
  Reviewed by:  Seth Campbell from Ohio. on 11/9/2011
A very good product
  I had used the old formula and just bought the new one. The old formula was very nice. Easy to apply and remove. Did not really require lot of pressure to clean the metal sufaces. I used to use Klassee AIO to clean the metal surfaces before and required some pressure to rub the product in to clean some neglected surfaces. Opt metal polish took me half the amount of pressure/time to clean them up.
  Reviewed by:  Abilash Lalal from Houston,TX. on 11/9/2011
Good Polisher
  Aside from this I have only used never dull. I would say they preform comparably, but the optimum is a little better at removing buildup on my exhaust tips. If I had to list a con it would be the amount you get. It seems like you could run through an 8oz pretty quickly. Besides that it is a great product.
  Reviewed by:  Troy Halverson from WI. on 9/14/2011
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