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Menzerna SI 1500 Super Intensive Polish  PO83 Pint
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Menzerna SI 1500 Super Intensive Polish PO83 Pint
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Menzerna Super Intensive Polish PO83

Size: Pint

Menzerna Super Intensive Polish is designed for the removal of scratches, swirls, and oxidation on the scratch-resistant clear coats used by Mercedes Benz. Concentrated, specially milled abrasives remove 2000 grit sanding scratches to leave a brilliant shine with little or no hazing.

Note: Menzena Super Intensive Polish also goes by the part number Menzerna PO85RD 3.01 but it has been shortened to PO83 for simplicity by Menzerna USA, the US distribution office for Menzerna Polishes.

At the end of 2003, Mercedes Benz put into production a new scratch-resistant clear coat lacquer made up of nano-sized ceramic particles, which are baked and hardened in the paint shop oven, just like you would bake pottery in a kiln. This process results in an extensively cross-linked, very hard paint finish that stands up better to mechanical car washes and day to day abuse. This clear coat, called CeramiClear from PPG, is the only nanotechnology clear coat used on Mercedes production lines and is approved for the repair of Mercedes and Nissans.

The problem with the ceramic clear coat is that it is harder to correct than the comparatively soft clear coats used by most other car manufacturers. Ceramic paint can still scratch; just not as easily. When a scratch does occur, not all the polishes on the market are capable of removing it from the new, hard-as-a-rock clear coats.

Menzerna Super Intensive Polish is formulated specifically for the new ceramic, scratch-resistant clear coats. Menzerna developed a new family of abrasives that are better able to penetrate the hard paint and level imperfections. Super Intensive Polish is the most aggressive of this new breed of polishes, capable of removing 2000 grit sanding scratches.

Though this is a powerful polish, Menzerna Super Intensive Polish produces virtually no dust or haze. The polish contains a high concentration of small abrasives, which allows the polish to work cleaner. The tiny abrasives blend away imperfections using consistent abrasive action, meaning the hundreds of abrasives are repeatedly passing over the blemish to gradually eliminate it. The results are smooth, glossy, haze-free paint.

On most paints, you can go straight from Menzerna Super Intensive Polish to finishing with a wax or sealant without any steps in between. It leaves such a deep gloss, there is no need for a finishing polish in many cases.

Note: Dark paints may require follow up with a finer polish. Use Menzerna Nano Polish PO106FA or PO85RD, which is also formulated for scratch-resistant clear coats.

Menzerna Super Intensive Polish can be used on all types of paint, including conventional clear coats. Use it on fresh paint finishes (once fully cured) to eliminate any swirls or overspray. On older paint finishes, Menzerna Super Intensive Polish will remove moderate imperfections and refresh the color.

Menzerna Super Intensive Polish contains no silicone, waxes, fillers, or glaze. It is a water-based pure polish, which makes it ideal for a body shop or paint shop environment.

In the final analysis, Menzerna Super Intensive Polish is a step beyond the average polish in terms of cutting ability but its clean, haze-free finish is definitely representative of a polish. Regardless of its classification, it is the best choice for polishing and paint correction on todays hard, ceramic clear coats.

Here you go:
PO85RD3.02 = PO83 (MenzernaUSA designation) = Super Intensive Polish

Customer Reviews
Menzerna Magic
  Just did a pass with SIP and wow, it cut very well for a polish of this intensity. After a pass of SIP, I did a final pass with SF PO106FA and the results were awesome. Was able to achieve a glass finish.
  Reviewed by:  Ankit Jadav from San Diego Ca. on 5/10/2013
Quality Polish
  Used on a 09 SRT8 Challenger that had some light scratches and holograms worked perfect. Leveled and smoothed out everything, autoscrub + merzerna 1500 + merzerna 4500 + opticoat 2 = WOW
  Reviewed by:  Keenan from Nebraska. on 9/6/2012
very fine polish
  I used this on my factory wheels (barrels and all) and it brought out a wonderful, sparkling clear finish ready for sealant when used only by hand.
  Reviewed by:  Mike from MI. on 5/31/2012
Menzerna SIP
  Menzerna SIP is a fantastic polish that is easy to work and leaves fantastic finish by itself on hard clears with an Uber Green- so good in fact that its LSP ready. Unless you have a keen eye, the difference between SIP and Power Finish will be negligible. SIP has good work time and good cut for a polish. It works best on hard clears since it finishes without any micro-marring. Menzerna never disappoints and SIP is another hit!
  Reviewed by:  Lukasz from Canada. on 11/9/2011
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