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Menzerna Power Lock Sealant 16 oz
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Menzerna Power Lock Sealant 16 oz
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Menzerna Power Lock  Sealant 16 oz

Menzerna Power Lock Polymer Sealant is Menzerna's first pure sealant that will give your paint a deep shine and valuable protection. The polymers tightly link together to form an invisible barrier against all kinds of contaminants. It will repel industrial fallout, road grime, brake dust, moisture, bugs, dirt, dust, etc. This makes cleaning your vehicle in the future much easier and safer. The Power Lock also offers an amazing shine that makes any color paint look amazing. It does not have that cheap plastic like look, instead it has a deeper shine and gloss that rivals carnauba waxes. You can apply this product by hand or with a buffer. Use the Menzerna Power Lock Polymer Sealant and you'll see why Menzerna is regarded as one of the top manufacturers of high quality detailing supplies.

16 oz

Menzerna Power Lock - beading capabilities

Customer Reviews
Follow up
  It has been a few months now and I'm pretty happy with this stuff. Read my previous report about first impressions. Just detailed my white Audi over the weekend and put down another layer of Power Lock. Again IT WIPES OFF SO EASILY! This alone makes it one of my favorite go-tos. This product will obviously not bead or sheet water like a new generation coating will, but it is still there, protecting my clear coat. This product is perfect for those of us who are just old school enough to enjoy to spreading out a coat of something on the vehicle. The finish is crisp, perfect for whites and light colors. Top it with any wax you like, but Menz Color Lock is made to layer on top and really adds that last bit of warmth and depth.
  Reviewed by:  Brandon from San Diego. on 9/11/2014
Didn't bead water as effectively as I had hoped.
  After washing, claying, and stripping old wax I applied a coat of Menzerna Power Lock on my car expecting a long lasting, super hydrophobic coating according to the reviews of this product. It beaded water decently for about two weeks, but then it seemed to return to the usual water sheeting. Maybe it was because I really only left it on for about 60 seconds to 3 minutes before buffing it off, I don't know. It does however make it easier to get sap and stains off of my paint, which is good.
  Reviewed by:  Kyle W. from Bellingham, WA. on 6/22/2014
New Go To Product?
  I'm very impressed so far. My problem with most sealants is the difficulty in removing the cured residue. I'm always afraid to inflict scratches and marring when I'm wiping it off. Then I keep finding smudges for days. Finally, a product that wipes off EASILY! The smell is very Menzerna (petroleum, etc. no fruity scents added) Time will tell if it holds up to daily punishment on my daily driver, but my first impression is very positive! Stay tuned for a long term report.
  Reviewed by:  brandon gonzales from San Diego. on 6/4/2014
  Unbelieveable! Best compound I have used thus far. 1 step to a whole new level.
  Reviewed by:  Brandon from Eden Prairie, MN. on 6/12/2013
Menzerna Power Lock Sealant is Phenomenal
  This stuff is just ridiculously good. I used the Menzerna 4500 polish to get the paint on my Aston super smooth and the followed with this. It goes on and comes off relatively easy. Incredible wet look finish that lasts. Leave it on for an hour before buffing off. I put on a second coat two weeks later that just improved things. This is a truly great product. Highly recommended/
  Reviewed by:  George Jetson from Souther CA. on 4/29/2013
Power Lock review
  Menzerna didn't disappoint me...awesome product, goes and comes off great. Done right any paint can have that wet deep shine for sure, can't go wrong with Menzerna!
  Reviewed by:  Dave from Florida. on 12/16/2012
Very nice option if you aren't going to use a super sealant
  I bought this for a customers car. Typically I use Opti-coat since most request that, but some like to stay traditional with their sealants and waxes. Very slick and from tests I have seen, it seems to be one of, if not the most durable sealants on the market. It gives a nice gloss and beads and sheds water very well. A good alternative to a super sealant, just be careful around your trim, it will stain!
  Reviewed by:  ER from Maryland. on 9/16/2012
  I have to say that I love this product! I applied this when I was done with my polishing. This made my black paint look like glass, smooth to the touch and very sexy lol. Honestly I applied a coat of wax on my trunk and didn't like how the finish came out. Since i leave my car indoor. I decided to not wax the whole car. lol.
  Reviewed by:  Jose Castro from San Diego, Ca. on 5/29/2012
Amazing product
  This is my number one go to sealant that I use on all of my cars. It goes on so easy and gives the car a deep shine that I was wanting. There have been times I haven't put a coat of wax over this just because of how happy I was with just this alone. My wife's Subaru is still beading water since I detailed it prior to winter.
  Reviewed by:  John Voyles from Detroit Michigan. on 5/4/2012
Easy to use
  Reviewed by:  MIchael from USA. on 3/3/2012
Great product
  This is a great product!! Water doesn't just bead it actually rolls off and leaves only a few drops to dry off. It has been very durable even in this record Texas heat!! Best sealant I have ever used.
  Reviewed by:  Jeff from Dallas. on 8/19/2011
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