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Meguiar's M105 Ultra Cut Compound 32 oz
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Meguiar's M105 Ultra Cut Compound 32 oz
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Meguiars M105 Ultra Cut Compound


Meguiars M105 Ultra Cut Compound, revised formula, utilizes new,abrasive technology to quickly remove damage and defects from thepaints surface without scouring the finish. The revolutionaryabrasives in Meguiars M105 Ultra cut Compound are so advanced andmilled so perfectly that the polish produces flawless resultsregardless of how it is applied. Ultra Cut Compound will produceprofessional-looking results when applied by hand, random orbital,dual-action or rotary machine polisher. The ultra fine, ultra hardabrasives used in Ultra Cut Compound do not degrade in quality or cutduring application. This polish can remove up to 1200 grit scratches,sanding marks, pig tails, acid rain damage, scuffing, and bird bombetching effortlessly while finishing to a very low swirl, high gloss.The non-diminishing abrasives, used in M105 Ultra Cut Compound arefine tuned to remove microscopic amounts of paint quickly yet stillleave the paint glossy, shiny, and haze-free. The revised formula ofM105 Ultra Cut Compound can remove paint defects by hand or with arandom orbital or dual-action machine that previously required ahigh-speed, rotary polisher. (The older formula of M105 was notrecommended for random orbital or dual-action machines.)

When working with Ultra Cut Compound, you should polish until thepaint defects are removed and then stop. Because the abrasives do notbreak down, the polish does not need to be overworked to achieveresults. The nature of Meguiars M105 Ultra Cut Compound requires thatpads be cleaned often. Spent paint, the paint removed during polishing,can build-up in the pad and cause haze and swirls.

Customer Reviews
Worked well after Wet Sanding, but......
  Worked very well for what I needed, had to wet sand some deep scratches out of my paint, used this to restore the shine in the clear. The description states it removes scratches up to 1200 grit but I found that was not completely true. I used 1500 and then this compound (since it stated it could) but found it a bit lacking. Once I went back and final sanded a bit more with 3000 grit this worked great to polish the clear back to shine. Just wish it came in a smaller bottle, will take me a while to use 32oz of this very specific use product. LOL
  Reviewed by:  Benjamin from Colorado. on 1/1/2015
M105 + M205 = Correction with ease
  Bought the M105 along with the M205 to try them out and I am very happy with the results. Did a bit of wet sanding with some 1500-2000 grit sand paper and followed up initially with the M105 and I was quite surprised. Quickly bites and removes the scratches leaving a nice clear finish. Follow up with the M205 and your looking at a nice pretty much flawless finish (given your using the right equipment). Didn't notice much dust as some others may have experienced but the result will be solely dependent on how you use the product and what you use it on. Very happy however.
  Reviewed by:  Bryan Anroop from Toronto, Ontario. on 12/30/2013
  Works just like advertised. After clay I did one pass with 105, then 205, then show 7, and topped it with Ultimate Liquid sealer. The black Challenger really pops.
  Reviewed by:  Jim from IL. on 3/14/2013
  This stuff works. I have a black car that had some light surface scratches on the hood. I applied this by hand and it took out all the scratches. I followed up with Maguiar's ultra finishing polish(M205) Then sealed and protected with Adams paste wax. What a shine! Highly recommend.
  Reviewed by:  andy ockenden from Santa Rosa. on 1/14/2013
Great Product
  I have used a number of other compounds, and nothing worked as well as this. Made a world of difference and generated a fantastic finish.
  Reviewed by:  Kyle from New Jersey. on 9/6/2012
M105 is awesome
  Was able to remove some pretty substantial swirls in the paint of my old Audi 90. Very easy to work with and I am super happy with the result!
  Reviewed by:  Mike Jacyno from Fort Wayne, IN. on 7/1/2012
Great product!
  One of the best compounds Meguiars made! Very little dust, while providing very good results! Should really be followed with the M205 no matter what.
  Reviewed by:  Daniel Alexis Valdes from San Diego, CA. on 2/10/2012
Awesome product
  M105 cuts amazingly well, finishes down almost LSP ready and works super fast. There is a little bit of a learning curve with M105 but once you learn it you will enjoy it.
  Reviewed by:  salvatore borgogna from Winston Salem NC. on 11/9/2011
Takes a little getting used to but gets good results
  It dries super fast and dusts like crazy. That being said it can cut a lot depending on how you use it and leave a pretty good finish. I bought this with M205 so I could do most cars in 2 steps.
  Reviewed by:  Amar Husain from Roseville, MN. on 9/9/2011
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