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Meguiar's DA Microfiber Compound D300 16 oz
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Meguiar's DA Microfiber Compound D300 16 oz
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Meguiar's DA Microfiber Compound D300

Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System is a unique purpose engineered system of new technology, microfiber pads, and liquids for optimal results. Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction Compound utilizes super-micro abrasive technology to quickly remove scratches, acid rain, swirls/holograms and other light to moderate defects on factory paint. Designed for use with Meguiars DA Microfiber Cutting Disc delivering no sling, low dusting performance for minimal prep and clean up time.

Product Highlights
  • Super-micro abrasive technology quickly removes moderate surface defects while creating a high gloss.
  • No sling and low dusting for minimal prep and clean up.
  • Rich concentrated formula delivers lower cost per car.

Customer Reviews
Good not Great
  D300 creates almost zero dust!!! Had a hard time removing some RID's I knew another product could easily tackle. Finishes pretty well on MOST paints (Sunlight showed it left behind a lot of holograms on my 02 Audi) Think I may stick with FG400 for a single step compound.
  Reviewed by:  Joe from NJ. on 3/31/2013
Just Works
  Used this product on my heavily scratched Monaco Blue BMW. Paint had swirls, holograms, and scratches all over. Product worked great, as advertised. It did take a couple of passes and some work though. Product produces almost to no dust, and comes of really easily. Be sure to use a very plush MF towell like the Uber towell. One great thing about this product is that I could follow up with wax/sealant right after. Very glossy shine.
  Reviewed by:  Christian Santiago from MA. on 7/10/2012
  As close to a one step cut/polish as I have ever found, when used with MF pads it cuts heavy and finishes extremely well. For the home enthusiast D300 is a must have!
  Reviewed by:  PIGINAPOKE from CHARLOTTE N.C.. on 6/27/2012
So easy and it really works
  i got a White mitsubishi evo x with some light scratches took it right out ! amazing stuff i love it
  Reviewed by:  George Chiang from NJ. on 6/6/2012
Great results
  Another correction compound that came highly recommended on my Audi forum and with outstanding results! Coupled with the Megs cutting discs I was able to remove many paint imperfections (bird drop etching, light scratches, marring) with ease. Followed with a final polish for a showroom finish!
  Reviewed by:  Joel Garcia from El Paso, TX. on 2/22/2012
D300 compound
  D300 is awesome! With this compound and a DA MF cutting disk you get rotary results with a DA plus NO haze, marring, holograms..........etc. It smells good too.
  Reviewed by:  Eric from Staten Island NY. on 11/9/2011
Another great Meguiars product
  D300 amazing well with Meguiars new Microfiber cutting disc as well as with Uber foam pads. The cut is almost that of M105, the finish is fantastic and the best thing is if you do not over work the product there is virtually no dust.
  Reviewed by:  salvatore borgogna from Winston Salem NC. on 11/9/2011
D300 compound review
  D300 is the best compound I have tried to date for my annual paint corrections. Paired with a DA cutting disk and M105 at the ready (if needed) it's awesome at removing anything that comes it's way! (Marring, halograms, milky finish, ect).
  Reviewed by:  Michael Panella from Norwood. on 8/19/2011
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