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Lusso Auto Bathe Premium Car Wash
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Lusso Auto Bathe Premium Car Wash
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Lusso Auto Bathe Premium Car Wash

Lusso Auto Bathe is based on a non-phosphate, pH balanced hair shampoo formula, without all the extras found in hair care products. The net result is a safe cleaner which loosens and removes dirt from your paint, but rinses off quickly and easily without leaving a finish dulling residue on your paint. Highly concentrated Auto Bathe will not strip the wax. You can actually feel the difference. Dirt is gone, wax remains, the shine is deep.

Customer Reviews
Lusso Auto Bathe
  Continues to be my favorite wash. Mixed properly, it cleans well without streaking and after drying leaves a super slick surface. Have tried many others and continue to go back to Lusso. Great stuff , period!
  Reviewed by:  ActionJackson from Eastern NC. on 3/23/2015
  Great soap! Works very well, suds very good and the smell is great! I liked it but for that price ($12.99) I didn't think it was all worth it. For another $11 I could have bought Megs Hyper Wash and its a full gallon and you can dilute it 400:1. It doesn't mean it's a bad product I just find that it's a tad pricey for 8oz
  Reviewed by:  Jordan Lee from Vancouver B.C. on 12/22/2013
  I have not used product as of yet;but I am sure when I do I will be very pleased;I will definetly write back after I use the products
  Reviewed by:  monica mcfarland from ms. on 8/28/2013
  Best soap I've used to date. Great foaming action. Rinses off slick. A little goes a long way. Of course the smell is great which is a bonus. I'm sticking with Lusso!
  Reviewed by:  Rick from Chicago. on 7/13/2013
Works and smells Awesome
  I use it with the Gilmour foam gun on "B" setting and the foam is thick. Worse part of my car wash is when I have to dump out the used Lusso soap!
  Reviewed by:  Marc Malonson from Honolulu HI. on 12/14/2012
shiny car nut
  very mild yet strong shampoo. gets the dirt off without being harsh on your waxes or sealants. definitely recommend.
  Reviewed by:  stanley harley from south richmond hill N.Y.. on 12/6/2012
  The best car wash we've found to date and we wash and clean many classic cars. Works very well and even smells great! George
  Reviewed by:  Vintage Motors of Lyons from Lyons, CO. on 10/17/2012
That Lusso car wash is awesome!
  That Lusso car wash is awesome! I have never had that many suds left in the bucket after a wash.
  Reviewed by:  Graham from USA. on 10/15/2012
Only car soap for me!
  Simply amazing stuff. I find myself only using a cap full with each wash (approx 2 gallons of water). There is always a bucketful of suds left at the end. Unreal lubrication and very gentle on LSPs. Highly recommended!
  Reviewed by:  F Ricker from St Louis MO. on 8/8/2012
Perfect in every way
  Lusso Auto Bathe is perfect in every way: -Just the right cleaning strength (won't strip LSP) -Just the right suds (you can still see what you are cleaning) -Fantastic smell -Great slickness This is by far the best soap I've ever used.
  Reviewed by:  Chase from St. Paul, MN. on 7/15/2012
Lussor Oro, smells so good!
  I use Lusso Oro wax, soap is equally as good, and they both smell wonderfull!
  Reviewed by:  Osvaldo Perez from Temecula, CA. on 3/15/2012
  Im absolutely amazed with how this soap performs. Just 1/2 oz creates rich suds and the Uber sponge just glides on the paint.
  Reviewed by:  Franki from NJ. on 11/8/2011
A joy to use
  Auto bathe provides excellent lubrication for regular washing, a great product to keep swirls at bay. The smell is great and makes washing a real pleasure.
  Reviewed by:  Daniel Sheaffe from Brisbane, Australia. on 10/28/2011
Pricey, but worth every penny
  This is a wonderful product. It's lubricity, and the shine it produces, is hard to beat. Definitely a maintenace soap though, not a strong cleaner, but it smells great and is a joy to use.
  Reviewed by:  justin maloney from Toronto. on 10/2/2011
Great Wash
  Very concentrated wash. Went through 64 oz in a season taking care of only my cars. Very slick, will not harm LSP and smells great. I have another 64 oz on the way as we speak.
  Reviewed by:  Jeffrey from NY. on 9/23/2011
Truly is one of the best car wash's ive used.
  Lusso Auto Bathe, though extremely expensive for such a little bottle, lasted 4 car washes and I'm waiting for my next order to get some more of this. The soap and water combination produced was unlike any other i've used and it simply grabs off the dirt without affecting the wax or any sealant on the car. Definitely the best car wash i've used to maintain a shiny finish
  Reviewed by:  Bret Reyes from New Jersey. on 8/22/2011
Lusso Review
  Lusso is an excellent soap for a detailing fanatic. Perhaps not as powerful as it's counterparts in removing tough extremely dirty vehicles but incredible in the weekly wash maintenance department. You will find no better soap for a nice weekly wash. It smells great too!
  Reviewed by:  Mike Panella from Norwood. on 7/12/2011
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