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Leather Master Super Remover 250 ml
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Leather Master Super Remover 250 ml
Item Id: LMSR250
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Leather Master Super Remover

1 liter Refill

For removing blue jean transfer, newspaper print and deep stains like mustard on protected (Type P) leathers.

This product works, even when nothing else will. Often on light-colored leathers, it appears that the color is coming off the leather because you can only see the surface. What has actually happened is a transfer of a lighter color to the leather's surface from blue jeans and/or newspaper print.

Pre-test the leather prior to use in a hidden area to insure colorfastness of leather.
Apply the Leather Master Super Remover to a soft, clean, white cloth and blot the leather, rubbing lightly to remove the transferred color.

NOTE: Pay attention to your cloth to see if you are removing color from the leather. There is a fine line between removing the jean transfer and also taking away some of the leather's original color.

You will have reached maximum transfer removal when you see the original color on the cloth without taking away the leather's color. Clean the surface with Leather Master Soft Cleaner to rinse away any residue of the product. It is very important to completely remove all residue or traces of the Super Remover. Allow to dry for about one hour.

After drying, apply Leather Master Protection Cream again to renew the protective coat.

Customer Reviews
SO HAPPY I bought this!!
  My brand new Flex with cream colored leather interior had denim transfer after just a few days of driving. I tried several products which got the transfer lighter but not completely off. The Super Remover did the trick with one wipe.. no scrubbing at all it just wiped right off!! SO THRILLED!!! I was sitting on a towel because I was afraid of more staining but now I don't care because I know I can use this product and it will come right off!! Thank you!!
  Reviewed by:  Kimberly from Boston. on 7/12/2013
  amazing stuff!!
  Reviewed by:  michael from san diego. on 5/29/2013
Great remover
  This stuff is the real McCoy- takes out tough stains, even in cream colored leathers. One warning, make sure you use it in a well ventilated area and wear a protective mask while using- this stuff has a strong odor! Other than that it's absolutely fantastic!
  Reviewed by:  Mike V from NY. on 8/5/2012
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