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Leather Master Soft Cleaner 250 ml
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Leather Master Soft Cleaner 250 ml
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Leather Master Soft Cleaner

250 ml or 1 liter refill

For all leather types

Leather Master Soft Cleaner is a water-based cleaner that can beused on all leather types. It is a mild cleaner that will not affectthe leather's original properties or finish.

Leather Master Soft Cleaner will clean most soiling as well aswater-based stains. Most cleaners contain solvents like alcohol ormineral spirits; those type of cleaners will definitely clean, but alsowill attack either the finish or dry the leather out. Leather MasterSoft Cleaner is solvent free and works without removing finish orharming the leather.

Note:  The only time that the leather cleaner could remove color or change the leather is under the following circumstances,

1. If the leather is not colorfast to any type of liquid. You can testthis by wetting a soft, white cloth with distilled or purified waterand wiping the leather. If color comes off on the cloth from onlypurified water, the cleaner (or anything else) will also remove color.

2. If the cleaner appears to have darkened the leather, it is extremelyabsorbent. The leather has shrunk. The leather has not gotten darker,but each dot of color has gotten closer together, thus giving theappearance of becoming dark. All you need to do is to stretch theleather by pulling it in all directions. You will see the color lighten.

Customer Reviews
shiny car nut
  only spot tested, it worked well on the spot i tested... this stuff stinks to high heaven. use in a ventilated area. leave all the car doors open while cleaning your leather.
  Reviewed by:  stanley harley from south richmond hill N.Y.. on 12/6/2012
  Reviewed by:  JAIME from MEXICO CITY. on 12/4/2012
Mixed feelinga bout this cleaner
  I am using this together with the Protective cream on my light beige aniline leather sofa. Like most cleaners, it is a colorless liquid and is pretty gentle as it does not feel very soapy. It does a great job in refreshing the leather. But here is the catch: it does not really clean out the grime from in between the leather grain. Ironically, the protection cream actually does this WAY better! There's not alot of premium cleaners/creams on the market for aniline leathers. This I would rate as one of the best I have tried as it is gentle and does a good job in refreshing the leather, albeit it failed to clean out the stubborn grime.
  Reviewed by:  GL from Singapore. on 11/26/2012
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