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Kwazar Mercury Pro 0.5 Liter Buy 3 get 1 Free
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Kwazar Mercury Pro 0.5 Liter Buy 3 get 1 Free
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Kwazar Mercury Pro + 0.5 Liter Trigger Spray Bottle (17 oz)

Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Unique double-action trigger head means a constant, fine spray with half the effort. The essential seals are resistant to most commonly used chemicals.

The Cleaning Line family of Mercury PRO+ manual sprayers is a series of small professional sprayers, ranging from 0.5L to 1.0L for washing and cleaning. They are mainly earmarked for home use but also, e.g. in filling stations or in medical facilities. They are simple to use and very efficient. Their high quality and Viton seals guarantee fault- free operation.

Product Features

  • Chemical Resistant Robust professional Multipurpose .5 L (17oz.) Trigger spray bottle
  • Unique double-action trigger nozzle means a constant, fine spray with half the effort. The essential Viton seals are resistant to most commonly used chemicals
  • Award winning quality construction is ergonomically designed. Proven reliability, unmatched quality and excellent aesthetics.
  • VITON Seals/Gasket
A list of chemicals approved for the Mercury Pro +
  • ethyl alcohol
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • benzene
  • phenol
  • Propylene glycol
  • nitric acid 10%
  • nitric acid 100%
  • nitric acid 30%
  • phosphoric acid 85% cold
  • formic acid cold
  • Naphta
  • ethyl  acetate
  • Gas oil
  • Mineral oil
  • sodium hypochlorite
  • turpentine
  • Toluene
  • wodorotlenek amonu 28%
  • ammonium hydroxide 20% cold
  • ammonium hydroxide 50% cold

Close up video of the Kwazar Mercury Pro Double Action Trigger Sprayer

Kwazar Mercury Pro Double Action Trigger Sprayer in action

Customer Reviews
How did I even survive without these bottles?
  Like many of you, I have been detailing for years. I could never really fathom the cost of these bottles when you can get quality spray bottles that are bigger for a 1/3 of the price. I decided to take the leap though....and man should I have done it sooner. These bottles spray with ease and spread product better all while using less product. Top this wiith Phil's customer service and prompt shipping and it's a winner.
  Reviewed by:  Johnathon S. from Syracuse, NY. on 8/17/2014
kwazar merc. pro .5 liter bottles.
  Recently got the .5 liter kwazar merc pro spray bottles. Picked up the buy 3 get 1 free deal. Very good price on these outstanding bottles. Have some of the larger bottles also. These are privy but worth the money. Built well and you get 2 sprays. Wish I could get the 360 degree bottles from detailers domain hint.
  Reviewed by:  john c. from sw pa.. on 6/5/2014
Attention Two Detail
  These are Awesome!! Great all round trigger Will definitely be buying more
  Reviewed by:  Brett Hamilton from Melbourne,Australia. on 1/3/2014
Best spray bottles I've ever used
  I bought these spray bottles after they were recommended to me by a friend. I was skeptical about them at first because they are a little pricey but these bottles are worth every penny. The double-action spray trigger is awesome and the overall appearance of these bottles is very professional.
  Reviewed by:  Craig from Bellevue, Washington. on 10/22/2013
Hard worker
  the best perfest action perfect weight cann t get better than Kwazar Pro 0.5 plus at the great price 4 for 3 it s like ordering pizza ha!ha!ha!.....regards Gio
  Reviewed by:  Giovanni from Montreal. on 8/8/2013
Great match of price and quality
  After many many uses of these bottles they are yet to fail, the only one that failed was dropped from 10 ft onto concrete and that was after being dropped i would say about 50 times on concrete over the length of a year. Sprayer action is the best and puts up with all the abuse I can hand it through daily detailing and uses around the house even I have found uses for in the garage. If you want a quality bottle that will last, this is your best choice.
  Reviewed by:  Joshua Wylie from Michigan. on 7/15/2013
Fantastic, but...
  This bottle has good markings for volume on the side, the spray is adjustable, and the double-action lever makes covering large surfaces easy. I have one for my Auto Finesse Citrus Power pre-wash, one for my quick detailer, and I want more for my Sonax Full Effect and spray wax! BUT, Detailer's Domain only has this in the Blue/White color. Kwazar makes it in other colors - can we get the other colors here? It'd be a lot easier to tell our chemicals apart...
  Reviewed by:  Tom from Hudson Valley, NY. on 7/14/2013
Great product!
  Solid, well made spray bottle! Well worth the price and makes spraying down the car a breeze.
  Reviewed by:  Leonard from Virginia. on 4/5/2013
Awesome Performance, Quality
  Some hold that spending $40 on four spray bottles is preposterous, but the Kwazar Mercury Pro is very solidly built with performance exceeding expectation. They dispense solution on both the pull and release stroke through a nozzle which can atomize so finely I was actually surprised. Definitely not bottles to throw away, I'm looking forward to at least several years of use from these pro-level spray bottles.
  Reviewed by:  Adrian Russell from Chicago, IL. on 4/3/2013
  Spays a good amount of product with less effort!
  Reviewed by:  Richard from CT. on 3/31/2013
Worth the price
  I've been using crappy Home Depot spray bottles for years but I got sick of them breaking every month or two. These Kwazar seem expensive at first but after trying them out with a variety of different chemicals, it was worth every penny. They don't leak, the spray consistent every time. the double action takes about 5 seconds to get use to and then you won't know why you didn't buy them sooner. The .5L is a good size if you rotate different products often. I can't wait to order more.
  Reviewed by:  Bob from Rochester NY. on 4/13/2012
Great Spray Bottles
  The Kwazar Bottles are great! I've been using these bottles for some time now with a variety of products and have had great results. The plastic is very high quality and the double-action spray is really nice as it takes less overall effort! The bottles are not cheap but you definitely get what you pay for here and if taken care of they will last a long time! Even better if you get the multipack you'll save even more!
  Reviewed by:  Bryan from PA. on 12/17/2011
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