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Grit Guard Bucket Inserts
grit guard
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Grit Guard Bucket Inserts
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Grit Guard Bucket Insert

Keep dirt where it belongs at the bottom of the barrel. Rarely do bells and whistles get my attention, but this groovy grit guard caught my eye. It fits perfectly in the bottom of Detail Bucket and serves as a washboard for the wash pad, keeping dirt off your pad and your vehicle. For best results, rub the wash pad along the grit guard each time you dunk for more suds.

Customer Reviews
Necessary for a safe wash
  Does a great job of keeping all the grime at the bottom of the bucket and off your wash mitt.
  Reviewed by:  Demetrios from Northern NJ. on 5/7/2014
Keeps grit off the car.
  This thing keeps grit in the bottom of the bucket and off the car. Great price for what it does.
  Reviewed by:  Frank Roskam from Lebanon, TN. on 12/27/2013
Grit Guard Bucket Insert
  Terrible. It floats! I have to put a big rock in the bucket to hold it down.
  Reviewed by:  Larry from Redmond, WA. on 6/13/2013
Must have
  You can properly wash your car without one plain and simple. Must have.
  Reviewed by:  Z from DC Metro area. on 5/5/2013
A Definite Must Have
  A very sensible product for anyone who washers his/her vehicle. Keeps debris and grit resurfacing. Sturdy construction.
  Reviewed by:  Paul Cooper from St. Louis, MO. on 4/7/2013
Very Nice
  Good stuff. I ordered one of these and was surprised it was so sturdy. It's going to take some serious effort to break this. It was also bigger than I thought. It didn't fit in my bucket but now that I bought a larger bucket it works as advertised. I should have bought this a long time ago.
  Reviewed by:  Gary from South Florida. on 1/5/2013
Grea, well built product
  I added one of these to my last order and was surprised at how well it is manufactured. Very sturdy and fits into my wash bucket perfectly.
  Reviewed by:  Jesse Peterson from Connecticut. on 9/12/2012
If you're reading this ...
  Then you probably haven't spent the smallest amount of money you can to ensure your car doesn't get all *#@(*$ up due to your own "hand wash"! I've been reading about these for a while and I finally bought a few to see how they work. All I have to say is they work. Spend a few bucks and buy at least 2 of these for your washes (and you better use 2 buckets minimum for your hand wash too!). Cheapest insurance against causing major correction work in the future.
  Reviewed by:  Gabriel Albani from DFW TX. on 4/26/2012
A wise choice
  A great addition to the bottom of your buckets. Keeps dirt out of your mitts and off of your paint. The bottom line? GET ONE!
  Reviewed by:  Daniel from New Jersey. on 11/17/2011
you'd be a fool
  not to throw one of these in your order. They may seem expensive but the design is sturdy and works great. Toss your wash mitt/sponge in and don't worry about it. You can also double-these up in your buckets as well.
  Reviewed by:  Seth Campbell from Ohio. on 11/9/2011
It works!
  Its a must have for not introducting swirls via washing. I use one in my rinse bucket and 1 in my wash bucket. It really does trap the dirt and makes getting the nasty stuff out of your wash media.
  Reviewed by:  Jeff from MD. on 11/8/2011
Must have.
  You must have this if you are any bit of a serious car lover Period!
  Reviewed by:  Brandon DeFeo from South Jersey . on 10/16/2011
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