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Griot's Garage 5 inch Random Orbital Polisher Base Kit
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Griot's Garage 5 inch Random Orbital Polisher Base Kit
Item Id: 10765-Base- 5 inch
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Griot's Garage 5" Random Orbital Polisher - Base Kit
Perfect Your Paint With The Safe, Easy, And Swirl-Free Griot's Garage Random Orbital. The Industry Benchmark For Polishing And Waxing.

Engineered with a powerful 7-amp, 850-watt motor, this dual action orbital sets the bar when it comes to polishing and waxing paint. With 6 speed settings, a 5/16" diameter offset, and low-end torque, it is ideal for polishing and waxing at any speed.

Swirl marks? No problem. Water spots? Piece of cake. Oxidation? Bring it on!

Rich Griot designed the Griot's Garage Random Orbital System to provide you with a safe and easy way to achieve flawless results with minimal work. Powerful enough for a professional. Safe enough for a first-timer.

Concerns about machine polishing..... This fear usually stems from horror stories of non-orbital (straight drive/rotary) polishers creating swirl marks and burning through the paint. The problem with the old way of using wool or cotton pads on non-orbital polishers is the cutting action is so great that it produces its own heat and damages the paint. Our Random Orbital along with our specially engineered Foam Pads and unique Machine Polishes eliminates the chance of accidentally burning your paint. You can polish and wax your car quickly and safely. The results will astound you!

- 7 amp
- 850 watt motor
- 10 foot cord
- 6 speeds
- D handle

6" hook-and-loop /Foam Pads sold separately.

Kit includes:

1 Griots Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher
1 Uber 5 inch Vented backing plate
1 Uber 5.5 inch Yellow Cutting Pad
1 Uber 5.5 inch Orange Medium Cut Pad
1 Uber 5.5 inch Green Polish Pad
1 Uber 5.5 inch Blue Finishing Pad
1 Uber 5.5 inch Black Wax/Sealant Pad

List Price - $206.85

Kit Price - $179.95

Customer Reviews
  Saw this on AMMO NYC. Larry uses it along with a bunch of others. I have 3 cars to keep up. This unit is perfect for my limited needs and following Larry's advice has helped me do a nice job on all three now. Definitely recommend for others with needs like mine.
  Reviewed by:  James Tennier from Reno. on 5/5/2015
Great Product
  After doing a bit of research, I decided on the GG and I wasn't disappointed! Great DA for beginners - it was super simple to use. Easily would recommend this to any first-time DIY detailer.
  Reviewed by:  Pat from Vancouver, BC. on 7/12/2014
Royal Touch Auto Detailing
  I bought this as my first DA polisher to start offering polishing to clients with out having to use the Air powered Polishing tools that I am familiar with. It is the best bang for your buck ordering this package and it basically paid for itself in two full details. Detailer's Domain Shipped it incredibly fast and was at my door Wednesday after ordering it Monday night. The pads that are included are also of great quality. They got the job done well and survived two full Peterbilt Truck details before needing new ones. I did find my self ordering 6.5 inch CG pads in a Kit off amazon a few weeks after heavy use of the included pads. Nothing against them, I just needed more variety. I ordered this Bundle after comparing it to the Chemical Guys Porter Cable Bundle. Having used both polishers now, I'd say I like the Griot's a tad better and I like the Red color as opposed to the boring grey. Both Polishers perform the same to me to be truthfully honest. It's all on the pads and materials you are using.
  Reviewed by:  Dan from PA. on 5/15/2014
Great DA
  The GG together with the Uber pads are easy to use and produce fantastic results. Phil is "the man".
  Reviewed by:  Kenny from CA. on 9/26/2013
Managing Director.
  Phil, initially thanks for all your help support & expertise. Griot's Garage 6 inch Orbital polisher is in a few words Effortless and simple to use. Perfect.
  Reviewed by:  Amro from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. on 7/31/2013
Easy to use and works effortlessly.
  First and foremost, Phil has been a huge help. I've recommended him to at least 20 people. I need more of his business cards lol. I was told this was much better than the porter cable.. It simply is. Applications were very easy and even. The speed control dial is very predictable. Also, I found it much easier on the hands and forearms than my older PC. I took a few breaks using it to inspect and had no fatigue. The results were great and this polisher has more than enough oomph to make tough corrections. Highly recommend.
  Reviewed by:  Chris from NY. on 4/20/2013
Great Product at a great price!
  Great product! I bought this as a Christmas gift for a novice detailer. It's a great way to get a pretty complete assortment of pads along with a quality polisher.
  Reviewed by:  Jason from Chicago, IL. on 1/14/2013
Very good Value DA
  High Quality and Great Price. I'm a beginner and this is an excellent product for me, but I would make one change. I will remove the handle so I can apply more even pressure to the paint. My friend did that with his and he says it helps him produce a better finish.
  Reviewed by:  Matt from CT. on 11/20/2012
Machine works great
  This kit was a good price for the polisher and pads but I should have noticed the pads are 5.5" and the backing plate is 6". Care is need if you get close to curve or trim piece so the exposed part of the plate doesn't scratch the surface. Order the machine separate and get full 6" pads
  Reviewed by:  Mike Dolan from San DIego. on 9/12/2012
Great Polisher
  This polisher did a great job on my black Mercedes SLK of removing most all of the swirl marks. Using the Autoscrub kit and the Adams polishes and sealants worked wonders.
  Reviewed by:  RMag from Austin, TX. on 7/17/2012
Good kit
  This kit is good for a first timer like me, the assortment of pads was helpful. I used the Prima Cut and Swirl compound and polish on the oxidation on my paint job. The results were great!
  Reviewed by:  Vincent from Rockaway, NJ. on 7/5/2012
Works very well
  Very happy with the polisher. The kit is a great way to get everything you need in one shot.
  Reviewed by:  James Graham from NH. on 6/13/2012
  This polisher is outstanding. I have had two or three discount store buffers and they do not hold a candle to this unit. I used it on my 21 foot boat that is 10 years old and it did a fantasic job. The boat looks brand new! Last year I did the boat with the cheap buffer and it did not get the shine out at all.
  Reviewed by:  Dean from CT. on 6/13/2012
easy to use..great results
  Griot's RO was easy to use and it was also my first time using a maching to detail my car. Very pleased with the results.
  Reviewed by:  Arian Yee from Honolulu, HI. on 6/6/2012
Griot's Garage 6" Random orbital
  This is a great product. Very good quality, easy to handle, and durable. I have a relatively new car (2011), and the dealer caused swirls when they washed the car. I used the Green polishing pad and Meguiar's M205 finishing polish and while it did work, the swirls were still there. I then used the Orange cutting pad and that did the trick. Completely swirl free thanks to Griot's Garage!
  Reviewed by:  Brian from Toronto, Canada. on 6/5/2012
I love it!
  I love it, works like a charm easily removes scratches and polishes to a mirror shine. This was my first time using a polisher on a car, I had no problems getting the hang of it. Terry
  Reviewed by:  Terry from USA. on 6/5/2012
Great for beginners!
  I have never used a machine polisher before and was a little nervous when I first purchased this. After trying it out at home though it was so easy to use! Just gradually ramp up the speed till your comfortable and apply more pressure as needed. Watching the pad spin I felt sure it wouldn't harm my paint like a traditional rotary polisher. It is a little loud, but then again I suppose all polishers are.
  Reviewed by:  Derek Yoshida from Toronto, Canada. on 5/23/2012
Love it
  Well I finally decided to hop off the fence and make the purchase. I had no experience with polishing before using it and turns out I didn't need any! I had planned to use it on my sister's Honda before touching my BMW, but I just couldn't wait. So I went ahead with it and the results were fantastic. I ordered 2 yellow, 2 orange and a black. I ended up using the orange pads the most. It removed the oxidation from my chrome trim effortlessly! Also, did my fog lights
  Reviewed by:  Charles from Phillipsburg, NJ. on 4/25/2012
  This orbital is a treat to use. Has all the power you will need for most nearly all correction you will ever face. If it doesn't need wet sanding then with the right products and pads this will do the job!
  Reviewed by:  Audiman from NJ. on 4/13/2012
Buy one!
  Hands down the best DA on the market today! I have not owned the machine long and can not attest to its durability, although it seems better built than my PC which is going on four years and 1000+ hours.
  Reviewed by:  Glen from Charlotte North Carolina. on 3/26/2012
Fabulous product
  I love this polisher and I got a fantastic deal here at Detailersdomain. This is my first DA but I already love it and can say that it has a great build qualit and feel. Great customer service here too... .
  Reviewed by:  Jason Besant from Lockport. NY. on 3/26/2012
Better then PC
  Wasnt too thrilled with my pc7424xp and Phil had a great deal on this package. It is by far a better/stronger product then the pc. Scratches were much easier to remove and it never bogged down with pressure like the pc did. Not sure why this is not considered by everyone to be the best entry level polisher out there because it is.
  Reviewed by:  Charlie from Frankfort KY. on 3/25/2012
Griots over the PC
  to anyone who has not used one of these yet...i tried a buddies yesterday and i only used it on speed 3 applying sonax paint cleaner but the balance and smoothness of the machine is 100% better then the pc 7424....phil i spoke with you about this yesterday but i plan to replace both my machines with 2 of these next week.
  Reviewed by:  nyrep1 from on 3/15/2012
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