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Flex PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher
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Flex PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher
Item Id: FlexToolPE142150RotaryPolisher
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The Flex PE 14-2 150 Rotary Polisher

The FLEX PE 14-2 150.  The gentle powerhouse for the professional treatment of painted surfaces. The FLEX PE 14-2 150 was developed by professionals for professionals.  It is perfectly tuned to the users requirements.  The optimum speed range of 600 - 2100 rpm and the high torque are ideal for treating a variety of surfaces. The ergonomic design and low weight make it possible to reach even difficult places with ease. The maximum polishing pad diameter is 8 inches, making it possible to treat horizontal and vertical surfaces quickly and comfortably.

The PE 14-2 150 has a high-performance 1400-watt motor with a powerful ventilator for optimum air flow.  The speed can be continuously adjusted from 600 to 2,100rpm.  The accelerator switch with lock on for continuous operation allows a slow and gentle start (starting speed at Level 1 600 rpm). The gearing of the Flex PE 14-2 150 is an innovative combination of planetary and angular gears. The planetary gear transmits a very high torque despite its compact design. The noise is also significantly reduced. The grip cover is ergonomically shaped with SoftGrip.

The tool can be controlled with precision and to optimum effect and is always comfortable yet secure to hold. The spindle lock is ideally positioned to prevent operating error and does not interfere with the grip area. The tool has a low-profile gear head to keep the distance from the surface as small as possible. The tool can therefore be operated safely in any position. The optimized air ducting ensures optimum cooling of the gears and diverts the exhaust air so as not to disturb the user, it also reduces heating of the tool housing.


Backing plate diameter max - 6 inches  
Polishing pad diameter max - 8 inches  
Speed without load - 600-2100 rpm  
Power input - 10 Amp/1400 watt  
Power output - 800 watt  
Tool fixture - 5/8 inch  
Length - 15.75 inches  
Height - 4.7 inches  
Weight - 5.6 lbs.  
Cord - 13 feet

Customer Reviews
Lightweight, powerful, and precise
  Phil, I absolutely love the flex! Lightweight, powerful, and precise. I loved my Dewalt, but after using the flex, in my opinion, it's worth the extra cash, especially since I use it a lot. My only complaint (if you want to call it that) was that I didn't get a T-shirt :)
  Reviewed by:  Brian from USA. on 3/7/2014
Quality product
  For those looking to step up from their "old faithful" rotary this is the step up you were looking for. The weight and balance of this machine are amazing and makes it easy to control with even one hand if you wanted to, the silence of the PE is almost weird at times. As I work daily with high end cars only, I had to pick a machine that would hold up to day to day abuse and never give an inch, just like my work. Every minute I have worked with my PE has been a pleasure and I'd never trade this for the applications i have it for!
  Reviewed by:  Joshua from Detroit, MI. on 12/12/2012
Very impressed!!
  I'm practically a newb to rotary detailing so my experience and perspective with using a rotary is limited. First the good: It's light, strong, quiet, ergonomic, looks like a high quality machine and somehow, it's beautiful and confidence inspiring. The bad: The body gets hot after extended use. That's it! My only other rotary experience is with the Makita 9227c. This machine, as a whole, whips the Makita. I don't regret buying it, even for an instant.
  Reviewed by:  Enrique from L.A.. on 3/23/2012
I love my PE-14
  I've been using the PE-14 for several months now. I am extremely pleased with it. My first polisher was a Flex XC3401 which is another terrific polisher. The PE-14 is much quieter than its dual-action brother and operates very smoothly. It's extremely light and feels really ergonomic when you use it. I've never had it overheat (knock on wood) or even get hot to the touch.
  Reviewed by:  Roman Kapralov from Chicago IL. on 1/15/2012
Flex PE14-2-150
  PE14-2-150 rotary polisher is amazing tool, it has alot of power and mpost importantly it's not heavy (4.6 Lb) compared to the trusted Makita. From my point of view it is an excellent polisher if you looking for a tool very well balanced and designed. I'm highly recommend this tool.
  Reviewed by:  Moheb from USA. on 11/29/2011
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