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EZ Detail Brush
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EZ Detail Brush
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The EZ-Detail Brush

Product Features

  • Eliminate hours of tedious wash time!
  • The most versatile tool ever!
  • Non-scratch and flexible!
  • Easily reaches delicate nooks and crannies!

Important: Never use your EZ Detail Brush on a hot surface!

  • Use water to rinse off debris, dust or mud from the surfaces that the brush will come in contact with.
  • Fill a bucket with warm water and a quality soap that produces a good amount of suds.
  • The warmer the water the softer the bristles become.
  • Submerge the brush in the bucket of warm, soapy water.
  • Visually inspect the area you want to clean.
  • Pick a straight path through nooks, crannies and crevices then insert the brush keeping your wrist inline with the handle.
  • To prevent the bristles from getting caught, gently twist the brush in one direction while removing it.
  • The brush will slide into most nooks and crannies. If you find one that it won't, do not force it!
  • Rinse surfaces off with water to remove all the soap.
  • Use an electric blower or a soft, absorbent cloth to dry delicate surfaces.
  • Clean grease or oil off the brush with warm water and soap or a solvent. The bristles are chemical resistant and will withstand strong solvents.
  • Rinse the brush thoroughly with water to remove all soap or solvent from the bristles.
  • Hang the brush to dry.
  • If the bristles become matted, rinse them in very warm water and hang the brush to dry or hold the brush in front of warm forced air, such as a heater vent or a blow dryer on low setting.

Customer Reviews
Did a great job on my Mustang Mach 1 FR500 wheels
  I used it in areas where my wheel woolies wouldn't fit like the gap between the brake caliper and the wheel barrel. Works really well when wheels are a bit dirtier than normal you can really foam up and agitate the barrels and in between spokes as well. Cant really use it on the face of the wheel but then again thats not its purpose. thats here the Auto finesse boars hair brushes come in. I will also try using it in the engine bay next time. I just hope it lasts me a while and doesn't break.
  Reviewed by:  Danny R. from El Paso, TX. on 1/13/2015
  Using this brush in combination with the Woolie kit has cut my wheel cleaning time in half! They each have their unique application in the cleaning sequence for the perfect, safe, and fast clean! Finally able to clean around the brake calipers and reach the interior portion of the rims!
  Reviewed by:  Timothy from West Texas. on 11/13/2014
  This is an excellent brush for cleaning those hard to reach spots on your wheels. The flexible metal rod that supports the bristles allows the brush to bend, as needed, to clean those hard to reach spots. The only downside to this is the vinyl cap at the end of the metal rod - it fits perfectly between the brake rotor and the dust shield. During one cleaning, mine came off and was no where to be found. I made the mistake of continuing to use the brush and although I thought I was careful, I ended up leaving some long noticeable scratches on the wheels. My two cents - if you lose your end cap, throw it away. I've now turned to Wheel Woolies. They are soft, hold their shape and unless your careless, they will never scratch your wheels!
  Reviewed by:  Jay Morgan from League City, TX. on 8/18/2014
Amazing difference
  I was hesitant to spend 25 bucks on a brush but I have to tell you that it's completely worth it. It used to take me an hour to clean all four wheels, now combined with sonax full effect it takes me maybe 15 minutes using this brush. This brush literally cleans the entire inside barrel and the bristles will catch brake dust behind your spokes, no need for much elbow grease either. Amazing product
  Reviewed by:  Steve O. from Maryland. on 8/3/2014
Interesting material
  You can modulate the stiffness of the bristles with the temperature of the water you are using. This makes it very versatile. This is more than just a simple wire bonded brush.
  Reviewed by:  Yasin from Irvine, CA. on 5/25/2014
A Mighty Brush
  I was a little skeptical when I purchased this brush that it could fit in tiny places. Boy oh boy does it ever! The bbs wheels on my sti get caked in brake dust. Spray Sonax on the wheels paired with this brush equals amazingly clean! The brush fit beautifully between the brembos and wheels. Did not lose any bristles and I worked the hell out of this brush. So people if you can swing it please buy it!
  Reviewed by:  Stephen from PA. on 5/12/2014
Works great
  All this stuff works great. The Master Blaster is especially effective. Would recommend all all if these products. We will be back for more. Thanks. Gary
  Reviewed by:  Gary from USA. on 12/17/2013
EZ Detail Brush
  Man this brush rocks!
  Reviewed by:  Hanif Subedar from Fremont, CA. on 5/6/2013
Super brush
  This brush managed to squeeze into the tiny area of clearance between my wheels and calipers to agitate the dirt there, and didn't lose any bristles in the process! Wow! Super strong and gets to the hardest to reach spots. I love this brush!
  Reviewed by:  Cory Zhou from Washington. on 2/14/2013
The boss
  This is a great brush to get far into wheel barrels. It is a great addition to wheel woolies. Get both as this brush is more for the inside of the barrel and woolies are good for the spokes and tight areas.
  Reviewed by:  Jake B from Jersey shore. on 1/11/2013
Really nice brush
  I picked up this brush to help clean in between the spokes of my wheel, around the calibers, and deep into the back of the rim. I've been really impressed by it as it makes a tough job easy. They brush is very easy to handle, easy to clean, and it's softer than I expected. I still use a boar's hair brush to do the front surface of the wheel, but the EZ Detail Brush is the perfect compliment to it for getting in into the hard to reach spots. Highly recommended.
  Reviewed by:  Bodo Knudsen from Dublin, OH. on 10/16/2012
Why did I wait so long to get this??
  This brush does a fantastic job of getting my wheels thoroughly clean. Should've gotten it a long time ago.
  Reviewed by:  Al Ghane from Orange County, CA. on 10/11/2012
Fort Wayne Car Guy
  This is one of the better brushes that I have used for wheel and general cleaning. I have used this with wheel cleaner and general car soap, it really foams up nicely and does a pretty good on the wheel grime. I would say that it's 90% Effective with Really Bad Baked on Brake Dust and 100% Effective with Dirt and Weekly Brake Dust, a good Sonax Wheel Cleaner will make those percentages better!
  Reviewed by:  Brian Robinson from Fort Wayne. on 8/29/2012
Makes wheel cleaning a breeze!
  While I didn't purchase my brush from, I do want to provide feedback as it has been a great tool for cleaning all types and sizes of wheels for the past 3 years or so. I highly recommend one to anyone who cares to keep their wheels clean. The splatter when pulling back from the inside of the wheel is something to remember. Just don't wear white when washing your car! Such a great brush. I also find uses for it when cleaning engine bays.
  Reviewed by:  F Ricker from St Louis MO. on 8/8/2012
Best Wheel Tool
  The EZ brush is terrific for getting between and behind wheel spokes. If you are serious about detailing you need this brush.
  Reviewed by:  Steven Yobs from Cayce, SC. on 7/29/2012
  Makes an easy job out of getting to the inside of wheel and cleaning between spokes is now zero hassle.
  Reviewed by:  Rob from IL. on 7/16/2012
EZ Detail Brush
  I've used this about 3 times now and have been extremely pleased. I bent the last 1-1/2" or so 90degrees and just leave it that way. I can get the barrels, hub, and back of the spokes all in this configuration. Love it.
  Reviewed by:  Dylan Oxford from Atlanta. on 7/3/2012
the brush is great!
  The brush works great. Seems like it will hold up for some time. The sonax is great as expected.
  Reviewed by:  Kerrie from USA. on 6/24/2012
  Clean wheels set off a finely detailed car and wheel barrels can be tough to tackle. This brush is the perfect tool for the job. It is a bit pricy but its quality and utility make it a solid investment. It can be bent to get behind the wheel spokes and does not scratch. My go to wheel care brush.
  Reviewed by:  Mike from MI. on 5/31/2012
Not the best for vehicle rims
  The red automobile EZ brush is not sold here so I went with the blue one. Bristles are too soft in my opinion for automobile applications. Probably works great for motorcycles.
  Reviewed by:  Dave from Oregon. on 5/21/2012
A must have brush
  You need this brush to get those wheels cleaned, nuff said!
  Reviewed by:  Osvaldo Perez from Temecula, CA. on 3/15/2012
The perfect brush for BMW M3 ZCP wheels
  Cleaning E9x M3 ZCP wheels where kind of a pain in the butt. Face it, even with Sonax, sometimes the wheels need a brush. This brush is soft, yet breaks down any brake dust or caked on dirt, flexible/blendable, and is able to reach all the way to the back of the inside of the wheel with ease. I wish I bought this brush a year ago when I first got the M3.
  Reviewed by:  Joseph R from Fort Collins, CO. on 2/12/2012
  Wheels have never looked better, and is the best motorcycle detailing tool available!
  Reviewed by:  Piginapoke from Charlotte, NC. on 1/8/2012
Great wheel brush.
  Great tool to have for cleaning wheels. I use it primarily to clean the barrels behind the spokes. Works like a charm. It does have a tendency to splatter dirt onto your clothes as you're pulling it back from behind the spokes or barrels... so be careful!
  Reviewed by:  Roman Kapralov from Chicago IL. on 1/5/2012
Best Wheel Brush Period
  I've been using the EZ Detail Brush's for a few years now and couldn't be happier! The brush is very easy to work with and the tip can be slightly bent to contour the inner shape of the wheel. I've always worried about the tips on these style brushes in general but I haven't had any problems with the EZ brush's protective tip coming loose even after 75+ wheel washes. The bristles are very soft and won't harm any of your surfaces and clean up very easily.
  Reviewed by:  Bryan from PA. on 12/17/2011
Great brush, but won't last
  The bristle on this brush are great, soft and easy to clean. The only problem is with all the twisting you do while cleaning causes the brush handle to break off where the handle meets the wire/rod portion. Too bad, becuase the bristle stay new and soft but now is useless.
  Reviewed by:  Frank from NY. on 11/23/2011
EZ Detail Brush
  This brush is perfect for larger wheels that have a big opening and gap between the brakes the the barrel. I highly recommend the small brush as its more versatile and the smaller bristles work harder. The brush has good durability, and so far its been a year of rough use and it has not snapped (just be weary that bending over and over at angles of 90degrees will put stress on the metal and eventually break). Not bending often will get the most life from this brush.
  Reviewed by:  Lukasz from Canada. on 11/9/2011
Superb brush to reach the tough places.
  Love this brush. I use this brush mainly to clean the wheel barells and some times in the engine bay. The bristles are soft enough that it does not scratch any surface and you can also bend the brush any way you want to reach the hard to reach surfaces and also behind the spokes. The bristles are easy to clean.
  Reviewed by:  Abi from Houston,TX. on 11/9/2011
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