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Black Wow Plastic Trim Dressing
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Black Wow Plastic Trim Dressing
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Black Wow Plastic Trim Dressing

4 oz

Designed for any color exterior plastic trim. This gel will restore your trims natural color without use of dyes or colorants and provides a rich, long lasting look (measured in months), proven by the water beading action.

Directions: First application just before washing your car. Remember, a little goes a LONG way with BW. Apply a pea sized amount to the foam applicator pad and massage it into your trim. You will see an instant improvement in darkness and evenness in tone. Continue to spread this out. More is NOT better with Black Wow. Always work with pea sized amounts. The final look should be matte, not glossy and wet. There is no need to let BW dry or cure. Once applied, remove the excess with a towel or proceed to wash the car and using a wash mitt or sponge to wipe down the trim. Dry with a separate towel from the one you use to dry the paint.

CAUTION: Avoid getting BW on painted areas. BW won't harm your paint, but because of it's durability, it is very persistent and will require extra effort to remove off the paint. Mask adjacent areas with painters tape first if you are concerned.

Black Wow in action:

Customer Reviews
best trim restore product
  I have a 2003 Suburban with the black ABS plastic fender flares, I applied this product and after 4 months it was still going strong, it was still retaining the deep black color. It goes on easy, and really does restore faded plastic trim.
  Reviewed by:  Karl Baldwin from Fresno CA. on 11/9/2011
One of the best trim products
  After getting over the sticker shock I finally decided to try this product. I found out it sure is a great value, the bottle might be small but you use so little it will last for a long time. The key to this product is to CLEAN the trim well. Apply Black Wow and in some cases you may need another coat after the first coat absorbs into the trim. Easy can expect 2-3 months from this product
  Reviewed by:  salvatore borgogna from Winston Salem NC. on 11/9/2011
the best there is
  Black WOW is simply the best trim revitalizer there is. Ive tried everything from OTC products to pro products and this is the one thing that actually works. leaves a non greasy pure black trim. If your trims faded you need this
  Reviewed by:  Jet Hidri from Ct. on 11/9/2011
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