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Adam's Glass Cleaner 1 gallon
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Adam's Glass Cleaner 1 gallon
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Adam's Glass Cleaner
1 gallon

Adam's Glass Cleaner is not just a better glass cleaner; it's alsoEco-friendly and the pleasant fresh scent will make you smile as well.

Let's face it, none of us like doing windows, but with the right glasscleaner, the job is much easier. Adam's Glass Cleaner is the rightstuff.  Plus, it's also Eco-friendly!

Adam's Glass Cleaner contains no harmful or harsh chemicals, includingammonia or alcohol, that damage your car or the environment. Instead, we discovered an ultra-fine polishing agent that gentlyremoves dirt and grime from glass and clear plastic by polishing itaway.  The final result is a polished finish without streaks orsmears

Everyone says their glass cleaner doesn't streak or smear, and ourreally doesn't. Just mist, wipe and buff for glass and clear plastic soclean it almost seems to disappear!  It's so gentle, you can evenuse it on the most delicate window tint films and navigation displays.

Adam's Glass Cleaner even tackles the tough stuff, like the nasty filmthat builds up on the inside of your windows.   It easilypolishes away window film buildup with ease.  Guaranteed!

TIP: All glass cleaners aresensitive to dirty towels. So, if you use a towel that's previouslybeen used for polishing or waxing, remaining product residue is boundto leach out and smear your glass. Dedicated glass towels are your bestbet.

Do you have hard to reach areas of glass inside your car?You can stop trying to be a contortionist and make the job easier bylaying your towel on the back side of your hand to wipe.

Optional Double Action Trigger Sprayer:

Kwazar Mercury Pro + 0.5 Liter Trigger Spray Bottle (17 oz)

Unique double-action trigger head means a constant, fine spray with half the effort. The essential seals are resistant to most commonly used chemicals.

The Cleaning Line family of Mercury PRO+ manual sprayers is a series of small professional sprayers, ranging from 0.5L to 1.0L for washing and cleaning. They are mainly earmarked for home use but also, e.g. in filling stations or in medical facilities. They are simple to use and very efficient. Their high quality and Viton seals guarantee fault- free operation.

Product Features

  • Chemical Resistant Robust professional Multipurpose .5 L (17oz.) Trigger spray bottle
  • Unique double-action trigger nozzle means a constant, fine spray with half the effort. The essential Viton seals are resistant to most commonly used chemicals
  • Award winning quality construction is ergonomically designed. Proven reliability, unmatched quality and excellent aesthetics.
  • VITON Seals/Gasket

Customer Reviews
admas glass cleaner
  This is the easiest and best glass cleaner I have used. Easily replaced Stoner.
  Reviewed by:  John Rosso from roanoke. on 9/26/2013
The best!
  I've been using Adam's glass cleaner in tandem with their glass sealant for six months and the results are actually pretty funny. When in a rain storm or during a wash, water beads and streams off the glass as it does with a freshly waxed and sealed section of paintwork! After using both consistently, I've found cleaning the glass is easier and less intensive than it was using lesser products. The only trouble is sealant-related - it sometimes streaks when windshield wipers pass across the front glass element, and it sometimes hazes when making a first pass to clean the windshield. Neither of these are attributable to the glass cleaner reviewed herein, which performs flawlessly.
  Reviewed by:  Adrian Russell from Wilmette, IL. on 9/6/2013
Love the glass cleaner
  I've used it for a couple years now and will say it has done a great job cleaning the windows both in the car and at home. It is nice to use Adam's glass sealant in conjunction with this. Pleased to find a glass cleaner that works.
  Reviewed by:  Judd from Washington. on 7/1/2013
Great Cheap cleaner
  All around my favorite window cleaner. It has a nice mild fruity smell ( like fruit loops! ) and is tint safe. I usually dilute it 1.1 and a gallon has lasted me almost 2 years. It also hasnt affected the Wolf window seal I used.
  Reviewed by:  shawn reilly from NJ. on 12/7/2011
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