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Adam's Brilliant Glaze
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Adam's Brilliant Glaze
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Adam's ALL NEW Brilliant Glaze

Add amazing depth, shine, and a whole new dimension to your finish with our ALL NEW Brilliant Glaze. Easy on and easy off - this is the fastest way to an unbelievable shine. Our all new formula is 110% guaranteed to impress!

Brilliant Spray Glaze was one of our earliest products here at Adam's. A great solution for a quick and easy shine on paint, glass, chrome, or polished aluminum. A step beyond our detail spray, but just short of our Buttery Wax, its been a staple of our line for nearly a decade. 

Now we've released its replacement... Adam's ALL NEW Brilliant Glaze and its easier, faster, and better than ever!

  • Simply pour a small amount of Brilliant Glaze onto a Hex Grip foam applicator pad, for best results we suggest our Americana Paste Wax applicator. 
  • Apply to freshly cleaned and/or polished paint, glass, chrome, or aluminum.
  • Allow a few moments to haze then buff away the residue by hand using our on of our Premium Double Soft Microfiber Towels.

We've improved the drying time - This product cures quickly, meaning less time waiting for it to haze up and more time spent admiring that shine!!

We've improved the looks - Darker, wetter, and deeper looking shine. This product will take black paint to never before seen levels of dark, reds will appear more rich and vibrant, metallic and pearl paint jobs will POP with increased depth and gloss. 

We've improved the durability - our previous formula lacked durability, lasting a week if not less. The new formula will hold up about twice as long, up to 2 weeks or more, meaning fewer applications to maintain that shine.

Better filling - Got a minor defect that won't polish out? This new formula has incredible filling properties that will help temporarily mask imperfections when polishing doesn't get the job done, or you simply don't have time to pull out your polishes before a show.

Customer Reviews
Amazing Shine!!
  I was excited to use this product. I hadn't used a glaze before, but felt like my car just didn't end up with that deep, super shiny look to it like other cars have. It's my daily driver, too, so I didn't want to invest in something extremely expensive. This did the trick. I applied it with Adam's Americana Premium Car Wax Applicator Pad and found it very easy to apply. I topped it off with an OTC wax (I know but it's my DD) A little product goes a long way. It brings out a great shine, and the paint feels so slick when done. That was the first thing my wife noticed was how slick the car felt and how much shinier her car was. They are accurate to say this will last about 2 weeks, however this bottle will last quite some time due to the little amount it takes each time. I'm impressed!!
  Reviewed by:  Judd from Washington. on 7/2/2013
Great Glaze
  Adam's brilliant glaze went on easy (used a flex DA with the Adam,s pad) and left a great shine. I will continue to use it.
  Reviewed by:  Bruce Humphreys from Basking Ridge. on 6/3/2013
Essential for anyone obsessed with shine
  Did a 2 stage wax on my Z a couple weeks ago but after a couple washes, it didn't have quite the same shine. Decided to glaze the car yesterday and was so impressed, I did my neighbor's car too because the result is so shockingly awesome. Easy to apply, easy to remove, and doesn't leave powder/residue behind.
  Reviewed by:  Mark Henderson from Germantown, MD. on 6/24/2012
Great on glass, too
  I apply this glaze to the outer surface of the windshield and windows of cars I detail and it's amazing how they look afterwards. It's super-easy to use, too.
  Reviewed by:  Rafael from Barcelona, Spain. on 11/16/2011
Great glaze for filling
  Seeing how my mustang's original paint is getting too thin to polish out I wanted to try a glaze. This glaze really has better filling characteristics then a few other ive tried ( RMG/black hole) and adds alot of depth and shine. Really great at popping the flake in the paint as well. This also is probably the easiest On/Off product I have used and a few drops will cover an entire panel. Durability under a wax is about a month or so which is fine by my standards.
  Reviewed by:  Shawn from nj. on 11/13/2011
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