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Adam's All Purpose Cleaner
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Adam's All Purpose Cleaner
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Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner

Tough on dirt, but easy on your car! Adam's All-Purpose Cleanerreplaces a whole shelf full of automotive cleaners for wheels, tires,engine, tar, insects and more!

At Adam's Polishes, if a product isn't safe, easy and effective, wekick it to the curb. Our Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner isn't rocketscience, but it effectively cleans the worst grime your car brings homewithout being harsh or harmful to any surface.

On tires and wheels, Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner removes the worstcaked on brake dust build-up you can imagine, without the acids andcheap butyls found in most wheel cleaners that cause wheel damage(etching) and pollute the earth. Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner deep cleanstires, removing browning and old tire dressing without leaching thetire's built-in wax protection.

Use Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner under the hood to degrease yourengine. Dirt, grime, grease and oil literally melt away when you applyAdam's All-Purpose Cleaner at full strength. For a lightly soiledengine, you can dilute Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner 5:1 with water.

Use Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner on the worst grime your car has,including the undercarriage, road tar, sap, bugs, bird droppings, justabout any soil you can imagine is easily and safely removed with theproper mixture of Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner!

Take a look at a Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner in use:

Cleaning the engine

Customer Reviews
Great all around cleaner
  This product works great for removing the soot from my exhaust tips and any grease or tar smudges
  Reviewed by:  Tom from Columbus, oh. on 1/1/2015
Best all-purpose cleaner out
  This stuff is perfect for everything from wheel wells and tires to dash boards and door panels. I use this every wash and love it!
  Reviewed by:  Dan from Bergen County, NJ. on 5/24/2014
Cleans great
  This product did the job of removing dirt I had in the interior of my car. I highly recommend using this APC. You won't be disappointed.
  Reviewed by:  Bryan from Closter, NJ. on 3/30/2014
Works ok
  Didn't help at all with very small tar specks. Fine for other basic cleaning purposes.
  Reviewed by:  Eric from Clearwater, FL. on 11/12/2013
Reflections Auto Detailing
  Absolutely the best all purpose cleaner that there is. Works even better than advertised
  Reviewed by:  Anthony Gonzalez from Miami. on 7/25/2013
  great stuff cleaned like crazy definitely would buy again
  Reviewed by:  kurt stoltz from willow grove, pa. on 5/18/2013
This stuff is awesome!
  I've only used this for my engine bay so far, but I can say that it's a miracle product. I diluted it 5:1 and it still had plenty of grease-tackling power to get my engine bay nice and squeaky clean! I'm gonna try this on other parts of the vehicle too!
  Reviewed by:  Cory Zhou from Washington. on 2/14/2013
Love It
  love the In and Out spray and the degresser - engine never looked so good!
  Reviewed by:  Bret from USA. on 12/27/2012
Yes, works great!
  Clears up grime easily with little agitation, especially my exhaust tips!
  Reviewed by:  Dale Shin from Los Angeles. on 10/1/2012
Works Great!
  First time using Adam's APC and I was thrilled with the results. Cleans up all kinds of dirt and grime, especially built up areas on the engine compartment and door jams. Smells nice too. I'll be ordering more when my current supply runs out.
  Reviewed by:  Tyler M from Boston. on 8/20/2012
Great for Engines
  Adam's All Purpose is great for cleaning your engine. It busts up unsightly grease and dirt.
  Reviewed by:  Steven Yobs from Cayce, SC. on 7/29/2012
  I've always had a hard time cleaning the plastic trim around the inside of the door opening where you step into the vehicle, particularly when it is a light color like beige or light grey. This product worked very well and required almost no effort to remove dirt embeded into scratches from kicking the trim with dirty shoes. Good stuff. I'm sure there will be more uses, but this was my first try and it worked well.
  Reviewed by:  Gene from USA. on 6/4/2012
Excellent Product
  By far one of my favorite products from Adam's Polishes. Incredible amount of uses; as a bug and tar remover, to a polishing pad cleaner. Highly recommended.
  Reviewed by:  Brian W from Boston. on 4/11/2012
  I have to rate APC's as follows: Very Good - Mequiar's Better - Adam's Best - P21S Funny how the performance follows price. Overall I'm very happy with all of Adam's products.
  Reviewed by:  Kurt from North Jersey. on 3/18/2012
Nothing better!
  This stuff is great works for anything I can find to clean. I liked it so much I ordered 5 more bottles. I highly recommend this stuff to everyone.
  Reviewed by:  todd randich from Seattle. on 3/4/2012
Highly Recommended All Purpose Cleaner
  You can effectively much use this stuff any where. I used it on my engine detail and the product effortlessly loosened dirt, grime, and grease. This product with Adam's VRT to dress the plastic and rubber hoses throughout the engine bay, makes for an excellent combination.
  Reviewed by:  Luis U. from Fort Worth, TX. on 2/14/2012
Great stuff!
  Adam's APC works very well, only downfall is that u go through it so fast! be prepared to buy it by the gallon... smells like green jello as well :)
  Reviewed by:  Tim Plastow from Utah. on 1/16/2012
Another great Adams product
  This APC works miracles on all forms of dirt, organic matter and grime. I use this pretty much any stubborn spot I can't get off just with a regular wash or rinse. It's even great around the house.
  Reviewed by:  David N from National Park NJ. on 9/3/2011
One of the best APC's I've used.
  Like always, Adam's products never cease to amaze me. The Adam's APC for me is mainly used on tire walls and engine compartments, but really now that I think about it I'm not sure how i even cleaned up tire walls before and engine bays without this. Adam's APC with the Uber Boars hair brush on the engine bay to clean it up is the best cleaning option i've seen and done. Follow up with Adam's In and Out spray on either the engine or tire wall and this APC shows its true colors.
  Reviewed by:  Bret Reyes from New Jersey. on 8/22/2011
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