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Adam's All Purpose Cleaner 1 gallon
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Adam's All Purpose Cleaner 1 gallon
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Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner

1 gallon

Tough on dirt, but easy on your car! Adam's All-Purpose Cleanerreplaces a whole shelf full of automotive cleaners for wheels, tires,engine, tar, insects and more!

At Adam's Polishes, if a product isn't safe, easy and effective, wekick it to the curb. Our Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner isn't rocketscience, but it effectively cleans the worst grime your car brings homewithout being harsh or harmful to any surface.

On tires and wheels, Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner removes the worstcaked on brake dust build-up you can imagine, without the acids andcheap butyls found in most wheel cleaners that cause wheel damage(etching) and pollute the earth. Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner deep cleanstires, removing browning and old tire dressing without leaching thetire's built-in wax protection.

Use Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner under the hood to degrease yourengine. Dirt, grime, grease and oil literally melt away when you applyAdam's All-Purpose Cleaner at full strength. For a lightly soiledengine, you can dilute Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner 5:1 with water.

Use Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner on the worst grime your car has,including the undercarriage, road tar, sap, bugs, bird droppings, justabout any soil you can imagine is easily and safely removed with theproper mixture of Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner!

Take a look at a Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner in use:

Cleaning the engine

Optional Double Action Trigger Sprayer:

Kwazar Mercury Pro + 0.5 Liter Trigger Spray Bottle (17 oz)

Unique double-action trigger head means a constant, fine spray with half the effort. The essential seals are resistant to most commonly used chemicals.

The Cleaning Line family of Mercury PRO+ manual sprayers is a series of small professional sprayers, ranging from 0.5L to 1.0L for washing and cleaning. They are mainly earmarked for home use but also, e.g. in filling stations or in medical facilities. They are simple to use and very efficient. Their high quality and Viton seals guarantee fault- free operation.

Product Features

  • Chemical Resistant Robust professional Multipurpose .5 L (17oz.) Trigger spray bottle
  • Unique double-action trigger nozzle means a constant, fine spray with half the effort. The essential Viton seals are resistant to most commonly used chemicals
  • Award winning quality construction is ergonomically designed. Proven reliability, unmatched quality and excellent aesthetics.
  • VITON Seals/Gasket

Customer Reviews
  This is the best all purpose cleaner I've ever used. It's perfect for cleaning tires (not the alloy wheel). Literally melts the brown off of dirty tires and brings them back to the black color they were when new. Bought this specifically for cleaning tires. It's a good value too if you buy it by the gallon.
  Reviewed by:  Patrick from Auburn Alabama. on 12/14/2013
Amazing tire cleaner
  I purchased this initially to see how it would fare in cleaning tires, something that I've been having trouble with using other APCs, but this stuff ate right thru the dirt and grime. I use it normally at a 1-1 dilution, but have another bottle with a 5:1 ratio in it for cleaning around tight spots, removing residue and cleaning my buffing pads. My only concern is the price vs how much I use. At full strength it is about .23/oz, but at 1-1 it's costing me $3.68 per 32 oz. bottle I fill. A good price, but compared to some other brands it's a bit steep.
  Reviewed by:  Kevin from Houston, TX. on 7/26/2013
Great APC!
  This stuff is great. Spray on and wait a few and wash off. Only reason need to agitate is if you haven't cleaned the surface in a long time. Old tire dressing just dissolves with this stuff.
  Reviewed by:  Eric from N.O. Metro. on 7/17/2013
Cleans just about anything!
  I used this on everything from sneakers to tires, to coffee on my seats and stains on the headliner and it worked wonders each and every time. It is called an all purpose cleaner, and it does exactly that, it ACTUALLY CLEANS, and the stains and dirt don't show back up as soon as the area dries as with most cleaners I have used. Once you spray this on, and wipe it away, it's done.
  Reviewed by:  Kyle from New Jersey. on 9/6/2012
  Reviewed by:  Eric from usa. on 6/24/2012
New winner!
  This product is less expensive,works better and comes in a larger quantity than my old fave P21S All Purpose cleaner. Highly recommend it.
  Reviewed by:  Michael Adair from Minneapolis, MN. on 6/21/2012
Very good APC
  So after my first track day, the front of the car and wheel well was covered with dead bugs and tire rubber. I pull into a coin-op and sprayed this over the affected area. Wait a few minutes and fired up the hose. I'd say 90% of the dead bugs and 50% of the rubber were gone. It's also VERY good at removing crap on your tires so it doesn't get flung onto the sides of your car.
  Reviewed by:  Allen Sun from Los Angeles. on 3/12/2012
Adam's All Purpose Cleaner 1 gallon
  Adam's All Purpose Cleaner is just that... a great all around cleaner for just about any surface including rocker panels, mud flaps, wheel wheels, engine bays and tires and wheels too. It is also pretty resonably priced so you really can't go wrong!
  Reviewed by:  Bryan from PA. on 11/19/2011
Can't live without it
  Hands down the most versatile cleaner I've ever used. From engine bay to tires - I even foam gun it for stripping old wax. My girlfriend uses it in the kitchen, bathrooms, works wonders anywhere. I actually use more of Adam's APC around the house than I do my cars, simply because my house gets dirty more often than my cars do.
  Reviewed by:  Jae from Daytona Beach, FL. on 11/11/2011
  This stuff is the best I have used to date. I use it straight on tires and wheel wells and 1 to 4 under the hood and trim. What I really like about it is that it doesnt dry, it stays tacky and clings alot better then most other APC's. It also doesnt stain like a few acidic ones I have used by chemical guys.
  Reviewed by:  shawn reilly from cherry Hill NJ. on 11/8/2011
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