Audi RS4 paint correction (massive amounts of swirls and scratches) and Swissvax Treatment, this car was pretty bad, it took out 2 clay bars! Total 10 hours 2 in the crew, Thanks Dan for giving me a hand on this.

Car looked amazing afterwards and the customer was all smiles

Products and equipment used:
Optimum Car Wash
P21S Auto Wash
P21S Wheel Cleaner Gel
Optimum Instant Detailer and Gloss Enhancer
Swissvax Pneu
Adam's In and Out for the engine dressing
Adam's Metal Polish 1 and 2
Adam's Glass Cleaner
Adam's Clay Bar
Swissvax Autobahn
Menzerna Top Inspection
Menzerna Super Intensive Polish
Menzerna PO85RD
Swissvax Quick Finish
Swissvax Cleaner Fluild
Swissvax Mystery

Leather Master Strong Cleaner/Vital /Protection Cream
Einszett Cockpit
Adam's Glass Cleaner


3m Sun Gun
Makita 9227 Hi Speed Rotary
LC CCS Green Pad 5.5 (used 4 pads)
LC CCS Blue Pad 5.5 (used 4 pads)
LC CCS Red Pad 5.5 (used 1 pad)
Tons of "Uber" Microfiber Towels
Detailer's Domain "Uber" Wool Mitt
Swissvax Wheel Brush
Boar's Hair Brush
Spoke Brush
Dewalt 12V Cordless


Clay bar after pretty much used 2 clay bars on this car.

Engine Before

Engine After

Interior After

Before Hood:

After Hood:

Swissvax Mystery:

After shots: