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1Z einszett W99
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1Z einszett W99
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W99 All-Purpose Degreaser Concentrate (1 liter) 

Highly effective, highly concentrated all-purpose cleaner for removing difficult oil stains, dried-on vegetable and animal grease, old dried-on wax and resin, cosmoline, egg white, sugar stains and carbonized residues. Ideal for surfaces such as carpet (as shampoo or stain remover) ceramic tiles,  chromium, glass, stainless steel, plastics, paints and cotton tarpaulins*. Formulated for use in auto workshops, industrial plants, swimming pools, shower units, factory areas or construction vehicles and operational equipment for the food industry.

*Not for use on Plexi-glass, acrylic and natural fibers, and anodized aluminum.

Suggested dilution ratio: 1:4 - 1:300

Customer Reviews
Police Officer
  W99 it the toughest All-purpose Degreaser out there. I use W99 to clean my engine bay. I dilute with a ratio of 1:3, spray it on, let it sit for a minute or two, and rinse it off. Engine bay looks like new. You can't beat that.
  Reviewed by:  Jon from North Syracuse, NY. on 7/10/2013
Excellent Cleaner
  The best cleaner I have used, even at the minimum suggested concentration still extremely effective. Easily cut through dirt, dust, and road debris, as well as removed stuck on bits such as squirrel and bird business.
  Reviewed by:  Kyle from New Jersey. on 9/6/2012
All-round great product
  There are too many uses for W99 to list here! Another great product from 1Z. Given the ability to dilute W99 to suit the cleaning needs, I have several bottles mixed for both automotive and household use.
  Reviewed by:  F Ricker from St Louis MO. on 8/8/2012
Exceptional Cleaner
  Tried a lot of cleaners, but this one is exceptional. Even as it is gentle on the finish, a dilution rate of 3-4 oz into a standard 4 gal bucket will provide plenty of cleaning power. Takes care of all grime and grease with little fuss. Best cleaner of its kind for car finishes.
  Reviewed by:  Edward Jarrett from Tucson, AZ. on 8/5/2012
  Very versatile and effective all purpose cleaner A 10:1 dilution cleans wheels, tires, wheel-wells, and rubber mats. I use a 6:1 dilution for heavy-duty use such as the engine compartment and highly soiled carpets. W99 works well in the foam gun as a decontamination/wax removal low-foam soak The important thing is to accurately measure and dilute the concentrate and use a good quality spray bottle.
  Reviewed by:  pushgears from Rye Brook, NY. on 7/14/2012
Verry effective
  This is a truly versatile product that makes tough grease removal a breeze. It is super concentrated so a little goes a long way. Have purchased this more than once, and will continue to do so
  Reviewed by:  amercour from Chicago. on 6/19/2012
Great Product but it doesn't go very far.
  Provides a great shine to your paint and with a claybar it removes most if not all the swirl marks in your paint. The only complaint is that it doesn't go very far. One 1 liter bottle does about 2 cars. So I know next time I will be buying the larger quantity.
  Reviewed by:  Edward Cinefro from Lake in the Hills, IL. on 8/19/2011
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