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1Z einszett Plastic Deep Cleaner
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1Z einszett Plastic Deep Cleaner
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1Z einszett Plastic Deep Cleaner


Plastic/Vinyl Cleaner (16.9 oz)

Removes deep grime from plastic, vinyl, and rubber

An intensive, non-corrosive, non-acidic two-phase deep cleaner that removes grime buildup and nicotine thoroughly and effortlessly. Use to clean all colored and clear automotive plastic fittings including armrests, door handles, shift knobs, pedals, dash, storage compartments and exterior lower panels. Water-based formula is biodegradable, formalin-free and environmentally friendly.


Vinyl is the most durable upholstery, but it is not the easiest to keep clean. Unlike cloth or leather, the surface of vinyl generates static, which attracts dust. As a result, vinyl can quickly become grimy. The good news is, vinyl is the easiest upholstery to clean.

Do not use regular household soap and water on your vinyl upholstery. Detergent will permanently remove the sheen from the vinyl.

Use Einszett Plastic Deep Cleaner for cleaning all non-fabric surfaces inside your car.

Follow these easy steps for the perfect vinyl interior:

1. Spray all vinyl surfaces with Plastic Deep Cleaner.

2. Work the cleaning solution into seams, edges and seat backs using a sponge or towel. If necessary, use an old toothbrush to get into the small crevices.

3. Dry the vinyl with a clean, soft towel.

4. Finally, apply einszett rubber vinyl care using a foam applicator. Allow einszett rubber vinyl care to soak for 3-5 minutes, then buff dry.


Take a look at what einszett  Plastic Deep Cleaner on a Porsche Boxster S Vinyl Rear Window

Before the customer could not see thru the rear window.

Take a look at the 50/50 shot after the Plastic Deep Cleaner was used.

After shots show how well the Deep Cleaner works in this application

Customer Reviews
The Best
  Great smell and cleans amazing a must have for everyone.
  Reviewed by:  Mac from new jersey. on 1/11/2015
Good Stuff
  Does a great job about cleaning anything plastic inside and outside of the car. One thing I like using this product for is cleaning the suction cups on radar and GPS windshield holders. After time they would fall off, but after cleaning them with Deep Plastic cleaner they stay up much longer. Great product.
  Reviewed by:  Fernando from Kansas. on 9/22/2014
1z Einszett Plastic Deep Cleaner
  This stuff works very well. I use it to clean leather seats, pedals, and on tough stains on vinyl or plastic. It can clean up some of the worst stains on leather and nearly everything else that I've thrown at it. My only regret is that I didn't buy more, as I've found tons of uses for it after I saw how effective it is! Flawless product...
  Reviewed by:  Amos E. from Indianapolis, IN. on 8/16/2014
Really impressed
  Before, I was using Adam's interior cleaner for the dash, plastics, and vinyl seats and surfaces. I was happy with how it cleaned, but it left some residue. This stuff is amazing though, I think it cleans better and doesn't leave any residue. Also really great for cleaning the vinyl top on my convertible.
  Reviewed by:  jc from SF. on 7/31/2014
Owner Carolina Auto Image
  This is one great product! All 1Z products are great, especially anything to do with interior detailing. The Plastic deep cleaner is just that, a really good all purpose cleaner for the interior. I use it in addition to my steamer, and it works. It leaves no film and has a light smell that only adds to final result. HUMP
  Reviewed by:  Bruce Humphries from Gaffney, South Carolina. on 5/5/2014
Soooo impressed with this product.
  I purchased 2 bottles of this product after a friend raved about it. It's probably my most favorite product I've ever used on an interior. It cleans away dirt and grime that I thought I would never be able to safely clean and the smell.... It's kind of hard to describe. I feel some people might think it's a little strong at first but I find it to be a very pleasant deep clean type of smell.
  Reviewed by:  Craig from Bellevue, Washington. on 10/23/2013
Need A Gallon
  Smells a little strong, but it works fast, so you don't smell it for long. Throw a 754 Uber on a PC and get it done.
  Reviewed by:  Andy from Gardner, KS. on 6/27/2013
  Used it for the first time on a 10 year old work truck. the truck has leather seats that were NEVER cleaned. The owner thought the seats were toast, I convinced him to let me try and clean them up. Using the method Phil uses with the Griots 3in and the Uber scrub brush attachment, I made them good as new( aside from the wear). I was shocked, grime on the steering wheel? GONE, scuffs on the doors? GONE. Another plus is the smell, it doesn't have a strong chemical smell which is a plus, the fragrance it actually pretty nice and clean smelling. Will be ordering some soon again!
  Reviewed by:  David Bortis from Mesa, Arizona. on 3/6/2013
Surprisingly Good
  I was a little anxious to use this on leather - tested a small area and it worked great removing worked in dirt and grime without discoloring the leather. Worked great cleaning all the seats. Spray and leave it a few minutes, then use a mild brush to get into the cracks. Works fantastic. Also was very good cleaning scuff marks from the vinyl on the doors and footwell.
  Reviewed by:  LD Hervey from Jackson, Ms. on 3/4/2013
Great product
  This is hands down the best mutli-purpose cleaner for stubborn stains. Whether those stains are in trim, windows, carpet, or leather this product will take them out. Use this in combination with the Uber Ultra Interior Brush for Orbital Polisher and take your detailing to the next level.
  Reviewed by:  Ryan from Maryland. on 2/8/2013
Amazing Product
  I added this product to my detailing supplies over a year ago. Since then, it continues to impress me with its ability to clean and restore plastic to a like new condition. I also have found it is great at cleaning our smart phone and computer screens. Yet another great product from 1Z.
  Reviewed by:  F Ricker from St Louis MO. on 8/8/2012
Works great!
  This brought my interior plastic trim back to life and removed a ton of dirt and grime that I never knew existed.
  Reviewed by:  Corey Fonseca from Rhode Island. on 8/4/2012
1Z Plastic Deep Cleaner
  1Z Plastic Deep Cleaner is one of the best plastic cleaners I've used! Scuffs on door sills wipe right away! Steering wheel grime just cleans right off! My customers always comment on how they thought the color was wore off the steering wheel, once I tell them that was all grime there are amazed! Looks like new!
  Reviewed by:  Tim McCann from DFW. on 6/25/2012
Einzett Plastic Deep Cleaner
  After readibg reviews I deceided to give this product a try. I was pleased with the results. Used it on the interior of a 64 Ford Galaxie with a light beige/gold vinyl interior. It cleaned and brightened it up. Very happy with the results.
  Reviewed by:  Jim Schmidt from Clarence NY. on 6/1/2012
Very good product
  Very effective at removing anything built up on plastic interior parts. Very strong and has a neutral smell. The scales listed in the product description are accurate.
  Reviewed by:  Warren Bryant from Boston. on 5/1/2012
Works great but can leave chalky stains
  This will work out the most imbedded stains you have. I used it in my neglected probably never cleaned foxbody and it removed everything. Best it let it sit for minute or two, then wipe off with an uber all purpose towel. I did get some white residue which I removed with Cockpit premium.
  Reviewed by:  shawn reilly from Cherry Hill. on 11/8/2011
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