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1Z einszett Klima-Cleaner - Professional
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1Z einszett Klima-Cleaner - Professional
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1Z einszett Klima-Cleaner - A/C Odor + Bacteria Cleaner - Professional (250 ml, 8,5 fl oz)

Klima-Cleaner is an effective means for removing odors from the air conditioning unit by eliminating odor-causing bacteria, fungi and other germs. This is the same product used by dealerships to effectively remove the source of the problem. While other products eliminate the odor by killing the bacteria and fungi, they don't clean the evaporator surface. Klima-Cleaner's active foam works by 'scrubbing' the offending bacteria and fungi off of the evaporator unit leaving a clean surface. Simply insert included spray hose into the center air vents in your vehicle's interior and spray. Allow to work for 30 minutes. Creates a healthy and fresh smelling environment that lasts for months. To maintain results, we suggest you treat the system at least twice a year.

CAUTION: Recommended for professional application only. On certain vehicle makes, damage may occur if product is not applied properly. If uncertain about application, have a certified mechanic apply product.

**ground shipping within Continental US and Canada only. 3 Day Select not available. due to strict shipping regulations, this item is non-returnable**

This write up/review of Einszett AC Klima was from our customer LanceM from [url=]Detailing Bliss[/url]

Well, I always have my AC on (especially living in Louisiana) and the other day I noticed the air coming out of the vents started to smell kind of not so fresh.

So, I decided to change my cabin air filter. The car currently has 16.7k miles on it. Please dont mind the engine bay sand, as I went to the beach a few weeks ago and havent got around to detailing the engine. I'll do that tomorrow.

I removed the cabin filter and man that thing was nasty. I sprayed 1Z einszett Klima-Cleaner in the area that the filter covers and in the vents within the vehicle. I used about a third of the can total.

The smell is great, although it is only going to last about 12 hours. Thats fine with me though, as long as it kills the smell.

Here are the pictures:

Removal of the old filter look at the second picture of the old and new side by side WOW!

Installed new filter

Einszett AC Klima

Applied Einszett Klima thru the center vents as per directions

CAUTION: Recommended for professional application only. On certain vehicle makes, damage may occur if product is not applied properly. If uncertain about application, have a certified mechanic apply product.

Customer Reviews
Cost Effective Product...
  Purchased a beautiful used 06' BMW 750li, and it had a STRONG mildew smell. The BMW Dealership offered a treatment at a cost of $450. I decided to purchase a couple cans of the Klima-Cleaner. Used one can and it helped reduce the smell quite a bit, but it was still there. Waited another week and used the other can and it nearly eliminated the fould smell. Great product! I will continue to use it on a periodic basis...
  Reviewed by:  Mike D from Jacksonville, Fl. on 1/25/2013
Klima Cleaner
  I have been using the einszett Klima Cleaner for a few years now and am always amazed by the results. Leaves a fresh light lemon scent when you turn on the HVAC system. No more nasty stale air smell. Any car over 2-3 years old should try a can...
  Reviewed by:  Robert Padgett / Stickynomore from Maryland. on 8/25/2012
Works like a dream
  This stuff really kills that nasty smell you may have from the AC vents. Just follow the directions and it's a breeze to use.
  Reviewed by:  Tony Quach from California. on 12/26/2011
Funk killer!
  Used to dread using my AC, it stunk so bad, replaced the cabin filter and it did nothing. One day I saw this on the forums and ordered one. WAYYY worth the money! Used a full bottle for my car, and haven't had any order for over a year!
  Reviewed by:  Kevin from Las Vegas. on 11/9/2011
  I bought a retired Crown Vic police car from an auction. It used to be a K9 vehicle. It smelled like dog everytime I used the AC or heat. I used Klima-Cleaner on my HVAC system and it worked wonders. Now when I use the HVAC system it produces a fresh scent and smells clean.
  Reviewed by:  D from DC. on 10/28/2011
  Worked great for the first week and smell slowly came back. Now it is back like it was before. I told the dealership I used this and he said they mess things up. Of course he didn't seem to aware that there was a known issue with 2007+ Tahoe Yukon and Escalade.
  Reviewed by:  Brian from DFW. on 9/3/2011
Exactly as advertised
  Used to to freshen wife's A4 Avant AC. No overpowering cleaner scent, just pure fresh air.
  Reviewed by:  jef from ocean state. on 8/28/2011
Great stuff
  Used it for the HVAC in my Pontiac G8 GT. Use to have a musty smell when AC was running. Not anymore. Works as advertised.
  Reviewed by:  Kevin from Oregon. on 8/16/2011
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