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1Z einszett Interior Basics Kit
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1Z einszett Interior Basics Kit
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1Z einszett Interior Basics Kit

Here we combine our 2 best selling interior kits with 2 Uber Interior Towels.
These are the two most essential items we use on every detail at the shop and recommend every DIYer.

Kit comes with

1 1Z einszett Deep Cleaner 500 ml
1 1Z einszett Cockpit 500 ml
2 Uber Interior Microfibers

1Z einszett Plastic Deep Cleaner

Plastic/Vinyl Cleaner (16.9 oz)

Removes deep grime from plastic, vinyl, and rubber

An intensive, non-corrosive, non-acidic two-phase deep cleaner that removes grime buildup and nicotine thoroughly and effortlessly. Use to clean all colored and clear automotive plastic fittings including armrests, door handles, shift knobs, pedals, dash, storage compartments and exterior lower panels. Water-based formula is biodegradable, formalin-free and environmentally friendly.


Vinyl is the most durable upholstery, but it is not the easiest to keep clean. Unlike cloth or leather, the surface of vinyl generates static, which attracts dust. As a result, vinyl can quickly become grimy. The good news is, vinyl is the easiest upholstery to clean.

Do not use regular household soap and water on your vinyl upholstery. Detergent will permanently remove the sheen from the vinyl.

Use Einszett Plastic Deep Cleaner for cleaning all non-fabric surfaces inside your car.

1Z einszett Cockpit Premium Interior Cleaner

16,9 fl oz

Interior treatment developed specifically for the cockpit providing an original factory look. For use on dash, vinyl seats, door handles, trim, navigation screens, stereo/head units, and clear plastic. Cleans components and prevents fading from the sun and heat that occur over time. The gentle formula is water-based and free of oils providing a flat, original showroom finish. Non-slip finish allows for application on the steering wheel, shift knob and imitation leather seats. Great for use around the the garage and house.

We look at the dashboard and console more than any other area of our car's interior; therefore, it makes sense that we should give it some special attention. The dash and the deck under the rear window also take the brunt of damage from sun exposure. In order to keep your dash from cracking and fading, regular treatment is necessary.

Caring for the dash and console is easy. Simply spray and wipe with Cockpit Premium every time you wash your car.

Einszett Cockpit Premium will leave the interior clean and protected with a matte finish like no other product out there. This will truly leave you a matte finish!

Note this is safe on Navigation screens.

Customer Reviews
Great kit, what everyone should use
  Used this on my car today (Audi S4) and it was a great buy. I have made the mistake of using leather cleaners (even good ones, like leatherique) on my dash/plastic bits in the past, but after using this kit I will definitely stick with it. I started with the plastic deep cleaner, then finished with cockpit. Cockput leaves a nice subtle lemon scent and I really like it. Dries matte too, which is exactly what you want on the dash so you dont have unneeded shine and heat reflection from the windshield. One thing to note- the plastic deep cleaner will spot if you dont COMPLETELY wipe it off with a cloth after the initial application. I noticed about 4 hours later that it had spotted, but I just followed over with a pass of cockpit and it wiped right off. Not sure what wouldve happened if I had left it longer, so just use caution. The white microfibers it includes are great too, and I never realized how much grime was on my shift knob (by the way, cockpit is great on the wheel/shifter because it dries every so slightly tacky which is what I like on those parts.) Highly recommend
  Reviewed by:  Colin from NoVa. on 9/5/2013
1z interior cleaner & low shine 1z cockpit
  these both products are great been using them for years.make your dash door cards etc look brand new very nice clean scent.
  Reviewed by:  miguel pagan from bronx. on 2/14/2013
1Z einszett Interior Basics Kit
  I tried these products for the first time. I am sold! Very good at cleaning scuffs and dirt. The protectant goes on clean and is not greasy like almost all other similar products. Just leaves your interior clean and fresh-smelling. Long term protectant qualities still uncertain. But so far, I love this product and will buy the large size on my next order.
  Reviewed by:  Jim Youtz from Edgewood, NM. on 12/19/2012
Great kit!
  Two amazing products from 1Z that are at the top of my go to list! This kit provides a great value along with two great microfibers. Another quality purchase from! Thanks!
  Reviewed by:  F Ricker from St Louis MO. on 8/8/2012
Awesome Products!
  Great value here! The bottles are a good size and there is plenty of product. The plastic deep cleaner works great on my door cards where the window switches are, as well as some other little trim pieces and such. Cockpit Premium is fantastic and cleaned up my vinyl dash and steering wheel and it's amazing how much dirt and grime came off. Buying the two products together would be $22 so why not spend another $3 and get two microfibers to use with them!
  Reviewed by:  Corey Fonseca from Rhode Island. on 8/4/2012
Great product
  Really like this kit as it cleaned my interior really nice and did leave a film or residue. Nice smell also
  Reviewed by:  Nick from Virginia. on 7/17/2012
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