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1Z einszett Gummi Pflege Stift Rubber Care Stick
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1Z einszett Gummi Pflege Stift Rubber Care Stick
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1Z einszett Gummi Pflege Stift Rubber Care Stick

Long-lasting protection against freezing for rubber seals on car doors, windows and trunks. Protects and keeps the rubber elastic. Restores color to dried out rubber. Prevents doors from sticking in cold weather. Protects against extreme temperature and UV rays. Solvent-free, water-based formula. Easy-to-use shoe polish type applicator makes application simple without the mess.

Applying on Door & Window Seals

Your door and window seals keep the inside of your car quiet and watertight. To remain functional, door and window seals must be treated 3-4 times a year.Use your bottle of Einszett Gummipflege to treat all rubber seals.

1. To use, simply prime the bottle's pump head and gently rub the foam applicator tip over your door, window, hood and trunk seals.

2. Allow the Gummipflege protectant to soak in and dry.

3. Do not wipe.


Customer Reviews
  out to be an excellent product for Phoenix's hot, arid climate. I had some problems getting the applicator "top" (sponge) saturated, had to squeeze bottle a few times, but once it was 'full', spread on better. Was a little hard getting into areas next to the car itself, or in the areas where the door's hinged, the bottle was just in the way. Perhaps a different applicator altogether would be better... as the product seems to be WONDERFUL!!!! I will definitely continue to use it on my car down here in the arid Southwest! Thanks for the GREAT product!
  Reviewed by:  Kathy T from Arizona. on 2/4/2014
Good stuff
  I've been using Gummi Pflege for a couple years now. It seems to have kept the rubber seals in a like new condition. Only compliant and thus the 4 star rating is the applicator sponge/tip. It was never the easiest to use and after 2 uses the sponge came off the tip. I've found using a sponge separate from the bottle actually provides for an easier application for those tight locations along the door hinges.
  Reviewed by:  F Ricker from St Louis MO. on 8/16/2012
  Be sure to properly clean all surfaces to ensure the product penetrates. A few coats left to soak will keep your seals in proper working condition.
  Reviewed by:  Mike from MI. on 5/31/2012
Really valuable product for anyone who owns a car
  This is a very simple product that makes a lot of sense, rubber seals around doors, hoods and trunks dry out over time no matter what climate your In so feeding them to keep them is essential to keeping them in factory condition. I don't like road noise that why I apply 4 times a year. Every driver should be applying this product to their vehicles and I believe it's as important as doing oil changes, it does not cost much and can save you money in the long run.
  Reviewed by:  Tayab Nadeem from Markham, On Canada . on 11/8/2011
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