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1Z einszett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover
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1Z einszett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover
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1Z einszett Anti-Insekt + Pre-Cleaner (500 ml)

Like a 'pre-treatment' for your paintwork prior to washing. Anti-Insekt contains special cleaners which loosens insects and grime from paintwork, chrome, glass, rubber and plastic gently and safely without harsh chemical solvents which remove wax and polish from the paintwork. Eliminates the need for aggressive, surface-scratching bug sponges. Simply spray on surface, allow to work for 3 minutes then hose off. Formula does not contain enzymes, which can irritate skin, is biodegradable, formalin-free, and environmentally safe.

Take a look - This is the front bumper of a Porsche 911 GT3 with tons of bugs.  We were able to remove all of this with 1Z einszett Anti-Insekt Bug and Tar Remover.


Product dwelling before some light agitation with an Uber Boar's Hair Brush

Finally make sure you apply at the minimum a wax on to protect the paint as the Anti Insekt will remove any protection that was previously on there, I would suggest 1Z einszett Glanz Wax

Customer Reviews
  Great Product BUG & TAR Remover
  Reviewed by:  Richard from Pensacola. on 4/21/2014
Great product!
  I was a bit skeptical at first about the necessity of a dedicated bug & tar remover until I noticed that APC wasn't quite doing the job of removing old bug stains from my front bumper. I have a clear bra on my car, so when bugs are not removed from the surface in a timely manner they can leave etch marks. In an effort to clean up the clear bra and prevent further damage from bugs, I picked up 1Z einszett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover and I'm really glad that I did! After applying, I let the product dwell on the surface for about 5 minutes and then rinse. About 90% of the bugs come off in this first application, and the more stubborn or older stains can be wiped off with a microfiber towel. It leaves the bumper, windshield, headlights, and side mirrors looking great after a wash. I highly recommend this product!
  Reviewed by:  Andrew Yue from Silver Spring, MD. on 10/15/2013
Best product for bug and tar.
  Always use this on all my cars. All bugs slide of easily. No effort when washing with soap afterwards. I would recommend to everyone.
  Reviewed by:  CRISTHIAN from Houston TX. on 3/2/2013
Great product!
  I'm always impressed by 1Z products and this one is no exception. It works wonders in loosening the bug splatter and requires minimal scrubbing to remove after a few minutes of application. I have not noticed it significantly removing wax from my cars but that may be more dependent on type of wax used and amount of product applied. SV Shield is some durable wax!
  Reviewed by:  F Ricker from St Louis MO. on 8/16/2012
Only einszett would come up with something like this
  And of course being einszett, it works unbelievably well. Those Germans know their chemistry! My only "complaint" is that it strips off the wax. But that's the price you have to pay for a VERY effective product.
  Reviewed by:  Bill R. from USA. on 7/13/2012
Great for bugs
  The insects literally just fall right off with this strong but safe product. It works ok with tar in a pinch, but it really shines with bug removal.
  Reviewed by:  amercour from Chicago. on 6/19/2012
Good Stuff
  Great product for removing all that the Southeast has to offer. Next week it will be removing love bugs from Florida!
  Reviewed by:  Brian from Atlanta. on 5/23/2012
  I wish I had a picture to show how well this product works!. It is simply amazing! It works better than APC to get bugs off and does not take Wax off.
  Reviewed by:  J from NM. on 5/6/2012
Best bar remover out there!
  I have recently started trying the 1Z line of products, and while I have fallen in love with pretty much all of them, this product here is by far a must have for every detailer! It safely removes all those pesky bugs from the vehicle easier then when you clay bar! Spray a bit on the bug infested areas, let sit for a couple of minutes, and wipe away with a wet MF towel! Then go about your washing. You won't be disappointed!
  Reviewed by:  Brandon DeFeo from South Jersey. on 10/16/2011
amazing stuff
  sprayed it on,waited about 3 minutes,sprayed it off NO MORE BUG GUTS.amazing product.
  Reviewed by:  Nick Roden from New Hampshire. on 10/12/2011
Yet another excellent product
  I feel like a broken record here, but apparently DD can pick them and so can I! I love 1Z Anti-Insekt. One thing I do recommend is the boar's hair brush however. A bit of agitation goes a long way!
  Reviewed by:  Trevor from Atlanta. on 9/25/2011
Great Product
  I really like this product. I've gone through one bottle, and I used it as a pre-soak to the foam gun treatment. It makes quick work of any bug guts. I only wish they made this in gallon size, because it doesn't last long.
  Reviewed by:  David Beyer from California. on 9/15/2011
Nice Wax-Safe Bug & Tar Remover
  This is a really nice wax-safe option if I want to remove fresh bugs and/or tar from the vehicle. Just spray on, let soak for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse off. Works best by rinsing off with a pressure washer. It can be weak on unprotected paintwork and stubborn tar so I don't relie on this as my only tar remover. Also, while it is wax-safe, rubbing the product in with a sponge can strip existing paint protection but boosts the cleaning power quite a bit.
  Reviewed by:  Emile from Alpine, NJ. on 7/12/2011
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